Astros’ win in Game 3 overshadowed by Gurriel’s racist gestureGame 4 report: Late Astros meltdown helps Dodgers tie World Series 3.57am GMT And you can read a full report from Game 4 here: Related: Astros’ late meltdown helps Dodgers tie World Series in Game 4 3.37am GMT Enormous gut check from the Dodgers. Can’t understate the gravity of their performance with so much on the line in a tough park @HunterFeltI honestly didn’t think the Dodgers had a chance when they gave up that first run. That’s really been this World Series though: every time you think you’ve figured out how it’s going to go, it throws a curveball at you. It makes tomorrow’s Game 5 a complete and utter question mark. We’ll be liveblogging it here at the Guardian and hope you’ll be here too. This will end our live coverage for today, thanks everyone who followed Game 4 with us. Ciao! Continue reading…



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