After a decade in America, I have been forced to find decent medical insurance. It’s not a pleasant experienceFor the 10 years I have lived in the US, I have largely escaped one of the worst things about it: the healthcare system. (“System” in this context is a generous description.) Like many foreign passport holders, I was able to take out an international policy in my home country and avoid not only the unstable price hikes that plague US policyholders, but the shocking awfulness of most American insurance. Having premature twins in Manhattan can cost in the hundreds of thousands – and in my case did – and my UK insurer never passed on a bill.The only mystifying thing was how it made any money. Well. A few days ago a nervous-sounding agent rang me from Britain and, in what sounded like a script dictated by lawyers, said that he regretted to tell me the company, a huge European conglomerate, was getting out of the US market and my policy would not be renewed in January. There are fixed deadlines for buying annual coverage in the US and I had a week to find new healthcare. Continue reading…



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