One man’s snack food is another man’s art.

Instagram user cheesecurlsofinstagram captures Cheetos that have been uniquely gnarled to look like distinctive people and objects. The untrained eye may see a common cheese curl, but at just the right angle, you’ll find a work of art.

The photographer began his delicious journey when he found a “Sasquatch” in a bag of cheese curls. The rest is history.

The cheese curls he finds span all subjects from pop culture, such as the Cheeto Great Gonzo, to current events, such as the Cheeto Pope Francis. Every photo is given a clever caption for followers who don’t quite see the resemblance at first glance.

In a world where people see images of Jesus in their toast, it’s not that far-fetched to imagine seeing people in your Cheetos bags too.

More cheese curl art can be seen by following cheesecurlsofinstagram on Instagram.


Christian Bale and Henry Cavill might be cute by Hollywood standards, but by feline standards, they’re not exactly the cat’s meow. For superheroes that will claw apart your heart with cuteness, there’s Cooper and Pancake.

The hairball-fighting duo do what cat superheroes do best: chase bad guy toys, nibble Kryptonite-free treats, and use the litterbox under the Batcave stairs.