As Twitchy has been reporting over the past few days, Piers Morgan has become a vocal critic of the Obama administration and we must say, it’s been delightful to watch. Morgan continues that onslaught with this zinger aimed at President Obama and CDC Director Dr. Frieden and their happy-talk on Ebola:

Best way for Pres Obama & Dr Frieden to reinforce their claim it's very hard to catch Ebola is for them to be pictured hugging a patient.

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) October 17, 2014

Boom! Yeah, go hug it out guys.

And a double-boom from Morgan and his readers:

@piersmorgan Can't transfer bodily fluids by hugging

— Andrew Miles (@Manwithaview1) October 17, 2014

Want to test that theory? > RT @Manwithaview1 @piersmorgan Can't transfer bodily fluids by hugging

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) October 17, 2014

@piersmorgan @Manwithaview1 Ebola in patients with high viral loads has been found in sweat in levels high enough to infect. #NoHandshakes

— Frank Fisher (@frank_fisher) October 17, 2014

@Manwithaview1 @piersmorgan Spanish nurse contracted it wiping face of one of the priests who had ebola…..

— Peter Wheaton (@PeteWheat0204) October 17, 2014

Of course, we are talking about Piers Morgan, and he really can’t help himself at times. Here he is back to talking about guns:

REMINDER: Republicans have blocked Pres Obama's nominee for Surgeon-General, Dr Vivek Murthy, because he backs gun control. #ebola

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) October 17, 2014

So Americans have no Surgeon-General during a public health crisis because the nominee believes guns are not conducive to public health.

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) October 17, 2014

One person has died of Ebola in America so far. 30,000 will die from gun violence this year alone.

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) October 17, 2014

Well, Piers, for starters, there is an “acting” Surgeon General, but he’s actually not at any of the Ebola meetings:

#WOW Acting Surgeon General #NOT in @WhiteHouse #Ebola meetings #reiders #1Voter #RonanFarrow

— Joy Reid Fan Club (@club_reid) October 17, 2014

REMINDER: There is currently an acting Surgeon General. ALSO: The Surgeon General has ZERO role in containing Ebola. @piersmorgan

— RB (@RBPundit) October 17, 2014

And secondly, Harry Reid changed the rules in the Senate so that the president’s nominees can be approved with a simple majority:

Where and who is the Surgeon General? Reid stops vote on SG. Seems the SG should be our Czar! Media, do your job. #Ebola #czar #obama

— Rich Kelsey (@RichKelsey) October 17, 2014

How about asking the Majority Leader to schedule a vote, heh?

Morgan ended with this:

There is no gun czar in America.

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) October 17, 2014

He’s wrong, again! Joe Biden is the “gun czar,” from CBS News:

Obama tapping Biden to lead multi-agency gun violence policy review

Well, at least the vice president wasn’t named “drug czar” because that might be awkward now that it’s surfaced that Biden’s son, Hunter, was kicked out of the Navy for abusing cocaine.


Full Twitchy coverage of Ebola here.

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It shouldn’t be news to long-time Twitchy readers that comedian and “Saturday Night Live” alumn Norm Macdonald believes in God, nor a surprise that that knowledge drives atheists crazy. Wednesday, Macdonald tweeted that his prayers were with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who was hospitalized for abdominal pain and diagnosed with a tumor in his abdomen.

@TOMayorFord My prayers are with you. A speedy recovery, sir.

— Norm Macdonald (@normmacdonald) September 11, 2014

@normmacdonald , you pray?

— Garth Tohms (@garthtohms) September 11, 2014

@garthtohms Yes sir, I do.

— Norm Macdonald (@normmacdonald) September 12, 2014

@normmacdonald So you are actually praying for @TOMayorFord, on your knees and such?

— Brad Wheeler (@BWheelerglobe) September 11, 2014

@BWheelerglobe @TOMayorFord Yes sir, I am.

— Norm Macdonald (@normmacdonald) September 12, 2014

@garthtohms @normmacdonald I thought Norm was more of a free thinker.

— Mr. Clever (@TheMrClever) September 12, 2014

@normmacdonald @garthtohms How can you freely think if your mind is bound to a God?

— Mr. Clever (@TheMrClever) September 12, 2014

@TheMrClever @garthtohms My mind is bound by nothing.

— Norm Macdonald (@normmacdonald) September 12, 2014

@normmacdonald Norm, you pray? Seriously?

— Scott Steele (@WScott_Steele) September 12, 2014

@WScott_Steele Yes, sir. Many times a day.

— Norm Macdonald (@normmacdonald) September 12, 2014

@normmacdonald Bless you.

— Scott Steele (@WScott_Steele) September 12, 2014

@normmacdonald Thanks for your prayers for @TOMayorFord. We are all God's children and serve a purpose. Also, thanks for live-tweeting golf!

— ★♥ Harriet Baldwin (@HarrietBaldwin) September 12, 2014

@normmacdonald is getting insulted for praying for a sick man in the hospital. Kind of sad. Had come to expect more from atheists/agnostics.

— BIC|The Dirty Deacon (@SacredLetDown) September 12, 2014

@normmacdonald Sad that wishing well and praying for a struggling man is controversial. Thanks for setting a positive example.

— jon gabriel (@exjon) September 12, 2014

@exjon @normmacdonald Not controversial. But a few atheists with inferiority complexes are easily threatened by theism.

— Mark Fritz (@MarkAndrewFritz) September 12, 2014

@MarkAndrewFritz Most atheists I know are cool. But there are several anti-theists who aren't as tolerant. @normmacdonald

— jon gabriel (@exjon) September 12, 2014

@exjon @normmacdonald I agree. The cool ones don't show up on Twitter berating people for praying.

— Mark Fritz (@MarkAndrewFritz) September 12, 2014

@normmacdonald people love to look down on others & have this weird superiority complex against people being spiritual in any way. it's bad

— Bonzi the poster (@bonzibuddy64) September 12, 2014

@normmacdonald Your ideology & expression of goodwill expressed in prayer matters not to me, sir. What I have seen is a generous heart. ✌️

— Winston Steele (@textas0371) September 12, 2014

I've come to the conclusion that @normmacdonald is a decent human being. A rare thing most places; nearly extinct on Twitter.

— Zombyboy (@zombyboy) September 12, 2014

@normmacdonald The power of prayer is real! Thank you for spreading the good word!

— Mike Fornelos (@mikefornelos) September 12, 2014

@normmacdonald don't let the prayer police ferguson you!

— Jeff Saxour (@therealsaxour) September 12, 2014

So peole are giving @normmacdonald shit for praying for @TOMayorFord. As an atheist, I say…go Norm!

— ✌ Romey Rome ❤ (@RobLives4Love) September 12, 2014

@normmacdonald You're a good guy, Norm.

— Noah Towe (@NoahTowe) September 12, 2014

@normmacdonald you're a beautiful man, Norm! God bless you.

— The Dude (@gordonshuckrow) September 12, 2014

@normmacdonald says he prays and people attack him for not being a "free thinker." Stay cool, Norm, I admire you so much right now.

— Cynical Stoner (@ThaComicsGawd) September 12, 2014

@normmacdonald Love you, man. Thank you for being honestly yourself.

— Michael Kane (@ClubMichaelKane) September 12, 2014


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In honor of Independence Day when we celebrate all things America, people on Twitter are creating ultra-American versions of our favorite movies.

The results are hilarious. Using the hashtag #MakeAFilmAwesomelyAmerican, peopleare adding the best spins on everything from “Wall-E” to “Gone With The Wind.”

If these super American movies actually existed, we’d have the best Fourth of July movie marathon in the making.

It’s not that difficult to make some iconic American movies sound even more American, of course.

Some movies just needed a reference to Donald Trump.

And others just needed an American dessert.

America’s history wasn’t forgotten, of course.

This would be a much better version than the original “War of the Worlds.”

Wondering how this spin would change the ending?

Nerdyand historical.


Ashton Kutcher would be awesome in this.

Thiswould be the perfect American tale.

What’s more American than hot dogs and Quentin Tarantino?

For the record, I would pay money to see all of these. Take note, Hollywood.

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