Book lovers: Add these to your bucket lists.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community for the most amazing library they’d ever visited. Here are the awe-inspiring results.

1. Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, Toronto

Flickr: hyfen / Creative Commons

Flickr: thomasfisherlibrary / Creative Commons

Flickr: thomasfisherlibrary / Creative Commons


“The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library at the University of Toronto! I went this fall and the whole experience was mind blowing. Not only is the library beautiful, but you can request and have access to most of their collections while visiting. On our trip we saw Shakespeare’s first folio, as well as many of Margaret Atwood’s original manuscripts (and her first self published book!!) and a Book of Hours from the 15th century (could have been the 14th — there was a lot that day!)” —Melissa Hudson (Facebook)

2. Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart; Stuttgart, Germany

Flickr: stadt_stuttgart / Creative Commons

Flickr: schubi74 / Creative Commons

Flickr: stadt_stuttgart / Creative Commons


“Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart in Stuttgart, Germany. It’s essentially a perfectionist’s dream of what every library should look like.” —melissan406bf75c0

3. The New York Public Library, New York

Flickr: proimos / Creative Commons

Flickr: homohominilupus / Creative Commons

Flickr: vagueonthehow / Creative Commons


“New York Public Library … the ceiling is magnificent and it’s so quiet in there.” —heyitsgracee

4. John Rylands Library; Manchester, UK

Flickr: 86528528@N07 / Creative Commons


Flickr: e-image / Creative Commons

Flickr: ingythewingy / Creative Commons


“The John Rylands Library in Manchester is literally a cathedral for books.” —joem45ac45347

5. Strahov Library, Prague

Flickr: jwhitesmith / Creative Commons

Flickr: mattat / Creative Commons

Flickr: hollin / Creative Commons


“The Strahov Library in Prague!!! You can’t actually sit down and read, but it is one of the most pleasing locations a book lover could set eyes on!” —kateh4897e321c

6. Beinecke Rare Books & Manuscripts Library at Yale; New Haven, Connecticut

Public Domain /

Jdbrandt at English Wikipedia / Creative Commons

Flickr: emilygeoff / Creative Commons


“The Beinecke Library in New Haven, Connecticut. They always have rare books and folios on display, and the interior temperature controlled room is too cool.” —lsheabailey

7. Biblioteca Vasconcelos, Mexico City

Flickr: photos_clinker / Creative Commons

Flickr: markhogan / Creative Commons

Flickr: pvcg / Creative Commons


“Biblioteca Vasconcelos in Mexico City. Went there last summer, it’s amazing. My picture doesn’t do it justice.” —AnaE20

8. Salt Lake City Public Library; Salt Lake City

Flickr: pedrosz / Creative Commons

Flickr: andrewasmith / Creative Commons

Flickr: 30709234@N02 / Creative Commons


“The Salt Lake City Library! It is gorgeous and feels like something Willy Wonka would create.” —straytray

9. Bodleian Library; Oxford, UK

Flickr: 58498458@N05 / Creative Commons

Flickr: wellmeri / Creative Commons


Flickr: affers / Creative Commons

Suggested by Lia Pulliam (Facebook)

10. Trinity College Long Room, Dublin

Flickr: jailman / Creative Commons


“I almost cried with joy when I walked into the Trinity College Long Room.” —Jen Stone (Facebook)

11. Mafra National Palace Library; Mafra, Portugal

Flickr: 7384322@N07 / Creative Commons

Flickr: muldermedia / Creative Commons


Suggested by Joana Simão (Facebook)

12. Library of Congress; Washington, D.C.

Flickr: hubbardcoe / Creative Commons

Flickr: geoliv / Creative Commons

Flickr: clarissa / Creative Commons


“The Library of Congress. Home to a Gutenberg bible, every book in circulation, and countless masterpieces. Every American must visit once in their lives.” —cjsamsky

13. Louis Round Wilson Library at UNC; Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Flickr: yeungb / Creative Commons

Flickr: melystu / Creative Commons

Flickr: bumeister / Creative Commons


(Suggested by emmas42aab98e8)

14. Library at Osgoode Hall; Toronto

Flickr: gorbould / Creative Commons

Flickr: ya3hs3 / Creative Commons


Flickr: lewolf011 / Creative Commons

“Law Library at Osgoode Hall (Toronto), small but beautiful.” —deezee

15. The George Peabody Library; Baltimore

Flickr: petroffm / Creative Commons

Flickr: burakiewicz / Creative Commons

Flickr: petroffm / Creative Commons


“Give me a mattress and food for the rest of my life and I shall call Peabody library my precious, like Gollum did with the one ring!” —Annamaria Apergi (Facebook)

16. Suzzallo Library at University of Washington, Seattle

Flickr: hjl / Creative Commons

Flickr: bgallatin / Creative Commons

Flickr: cronncc / Creative Commons


“Everyone needs to go the University of Washington Library! It looks exactly like the dining hall from Harry Potter!” —Meranda Clausen (Facebook)

17. Boston Public Library, Boston

Brian Johnson / Creative Commons

Cryptic C62 / Creative Commons

Flickr: kyburrows / Creative Commons


(Suggested by Josh Young, emmas42aab98e8, shelin, and matr4a537d5b1)

18. Librairie Avant-Garde; Nanjing, China*

猫猫的日记本 / Creative Commons / Via

Wcam / Creative Commons

Shih-Chi Chiang / Creative Commons


“The Librairie Avant Garde in Nanjing, China! It’s hidden in an underground carpark in an abandoned bomb shelter, and perfectly mixes books and literature in with history, culture, and a super cool Chinese indie vibe. There’s artwork everywhere, quotes etched into pillars, and every book you can think of translated into Chinese.” —Kalli McCoy (Facebook)

*Technically this is a bookstore, not a library, but the shop welcomes people who just want to browse and read for hours, and owner Qian Xiaohua has called it “the second library for university students.”

19. Your local library

Flickr: timtom / Creative Commons

“Every book lover needs to visit their own local library. Yes, there are beautiful libraries all over the world, but every book lover should be familiar with their local. Not just which books are there but what the library can offer them. Where the best place is to read, study, or sit in quiet contemplation. Which staff to avoid and which to go to for information, a good read, or just a friendly chat. These libraries are dedicated to lifelong learning and offer more than just books. By supporting your local library, you support a community.” —Penelope Masters (Facebook)

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Suck it, Mars!

1. Need a reason to stop staring at your phone? Look up!

Chris Zielecki / CC BY-NC-SA / Via Flickr: zanthia

Redwood National and State Parks, California, United States

2. Everything the light touches is beautiful.

StormSignal / CC BY-SA / Via Flickr: stormsignal

South Africa, Africa

3. See the marvelous architecture and brooding clouds? It’s like something out of Lord of the Rings.

Diana Robinson / CC BY-SA / Via Flickr: dianasch

Sant’Agata de’ Goti, Italy

4. And that canoe in the middle? It’s exactly where you’d want to be.

Shane Lin / CC BY-NC / Via Flickr: shanelin

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Canada

5. If you love the tropics, raise your hand.

Trish Hartmann / CC BY / Via Flickr: 21078769@N00 Creative Commons

El Yunque, Puerto Rico

6. Or visit the mountains, if you prefer somewhere colder, but equally as epic.

Dominik / CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: sibilus_basilea Creative Commons

Bernese Alps, Switzerland

7. In the fall, this kind of foliage will warm your heart.

Tatiana Bulyonkova / CC BY-SA / Via Flickr: ressaure

Yugansky Nature Reserve, Russia

8. Or you can take a dip in the center of natural symmetry.

Hefin Owen / CC BY-SA / Via Flickr: 47515486@N05

Lake Padarn, Snowdonia, Gwynedd, Wales

9. This could be the most beautiful walk of your life.

Getty Images / iStockphoto yangphoto / Via

Great Wall, China

10. And just look at that sunset!

Mark Wassell / CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: 61520356@N07 Creative Commons

Uluru, Australia

11. This monumental landscape actually touches the sky.

Paul Bica / CC BY / Via Flickr: dexxus

Kalalau Beach, Hawaii, United States

12. You don’t have to climb it, just admire it.

Rubem Porto Jr / CC BY-NC-SA / Via Flickr: rubempjr / Creative Commons

Pedra de Gávea, Brazil

13. Even one of the busiest cities in the world can seem peaceful from a new angle.

Josh Liba / CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: jliba Creative Commons

New York City, United States

14. These bizarre and brilliant shapes form an alternative skyline.

Christine und David Schmitt / CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: cheesy42

Reed Flute Cave, China

15. And in beautiful storms like this, you won’t mind forgetting your umbrella.

LJ Mears / CC BY-NC-SA / Via Flickr: lucasjames123

Queensland, Australia

16. Even deadly volcanoes have their charm.

Tom Bricker / CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: tombricker

Halema’uma’u Crater, Hawaii, United States

17. And don’t get us started on the wonders of the ocean.

USFWS – Pacific Region / CC BY / Via Flickr: usfwspacific

Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife Refuge, United States

18. Why travel to space, when there’s still so much to see on Earth?

Tong Yong / CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: tonyyong

Yunnan Province, China

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Sin City. Las Vegas. The Strip. The small oasis in the desert that is Nevada is a place where the parties, the drinks and the clubs are bigger and better. Everyone should go at least once in their life, if for no other reason than to people watch.

While the potential for fun is infinite, the possibility for failure is just as large. Follow my top five things NOT to do during your first trip to Vegas, and you’re guaranteed to have a weekend you will never forget.

1. Don’t pregame your flight too hard.

My parents were recently coming home from a trip to Vegas when the 20-somethings behind them threw up all over their trays. Do notbe that person. I am a full supporter of a Bloody Mary in the Airport bar, or even bringing a few shooters of your own onto your flight (even though that’s not really allowed). But keep your limit at one or two drinks.

No one wants you to be blacked out on their plane ride. You are about to have a crazy time in Vegas, and believe me … you will consume plenty of drinks while you’re there. There’s no need to pack them all in before you even take off.

2. Don’t forget to pace yourself.

Vegas is probably one of the only places where it’s acceptable to wake up at 11 am and immediately start drinking. It’s also probably the only place where it’s acceptable to continue drinking until you finally roll home from the clubs at 6 am, and then get up and do it again the next day.

Keep this in mind when you think about taking shots at the pool party. Vegas is the most enjoyable when you can keep a moderate buzz throughout the day. That way, you can last untilmidnight when it’s finally time to get dressed up and hit the clubs. I’m speaking from experience when I say, if you get too turnt, too early, that two-hour nap will carry you into the wee hours of the morning, making you miss Tiesto at Hakkasaan.

3. Don’t turn down promoters.

The second you use #Vegas on any of your social media platforms, you WILL be contacted by a promoter. Don’t be weirded out by guys posting their phone number in the comments of your Instagram. Their main job is to get hot women to their clubs, and they will offer you pretty much anything to get you there.

Treat these promoters like your best guy friend, since that’s essentially what they’ll be. They want to offer you free entrance and free drinks to all the hottest pool parties and clubs. And when both things cost an arm and a leg in Vegas, you want to take him up on his offer.

4. Don’t wear shoes you don’t feel comfortable in.

Yes, beauty is pain. I’m not saying you should wear some nice flats to the club, though. You might not even be let in if you do. What I am saying here is if you don’t think you can confidentially walk in your heels before you start drinking, what do you think is going to happen after your first couple of vodka cranberries?

Vegas clubs are crowded, just like any other club that’s worth going to. If you are THAT girl whocan’t stand up in her sky-high heels, the bouncers and/or bartenders will have no problem kicking you to the curb. There’s no shame in practicing your strut in those new shoes a few dozen times before you go. It’s better to be safe than to be the newborn deer wobbling around the club.

5. Don’t lose your friends.

This one should seem like a no-brainer, but it’s so important I have to include it here. For obvious reasons, you don’t want any of your gal pals to be wandering The Las Vegas Strip by themselves. If your friend doesn’t have any money on her, she might not have a way to get home. Walking by herself at four in the morning, with her shoes in her hands, is just a tragedy waiting to happen.In addition, without herkeycard, she might not even be able to get past the front desk.

When my friends and I went to celebrate my 21st birthday, we lost one girl on our way home from a night swim pool party. She was picked up by a nice older couple (thank God), but couldn’t get back up to the room because she didn’t have a key. No woman left behind, no matter how drunk she may be.

Vegas is a hell of a time, but you have to do it right. I wish I would have known any of these things before I went for thefirst time. It would have saved me a little dignity as I boarded my return flight home. It also would have left me with a few more memories of the trip to treasure. Have fun, but do it right. Because if you don’t,Vegas can be a nightmare.

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