“Scrubs” actor Zach Braff may have taken a selfie with Mitt Romney one time, but he’s made it clear he’s no Republican. Given that fact, Braff is surprised he has so many Twitter followers from Texas:!/zachbraff/status/452137325854986240

A couple of people didn’t seem to appreciate the blanket statement:!/silveranswer/status/452144326055698432

Braff was reminded that there are non-Republican “gun haters” in Texas:!/sandchigger/status/452150287264776192!/spiderjayde/status/452173270687547392

Braff was also reminded that there are also entire areas of the state more likely to agree politically with him:!/bxtchtitsmcgee/status/452156000192450560!/TheButterGod/status/452150631353307138

As it turns out, even some who fit Braff’s stereotype of Texas residents are also his fans:!/JePharmD/status/452137668659662848!/DustinKarper/status/452139135310909440!/tehjessicarae/status/452139400583856128

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