After the 5 Pointz area was whitewashed last year, graffiti artists were in an uproar. This act of protest calls attention to what artists see as the further gentrification of New York City.

1. A giant banner bearing a resemblance to oversize police tape, reading “Gentrification In Progress,” was put up around the historic 5 Pointz area in Queens, N.Y. last night.

2. It was allegedly put up by the street artist GILF (who’s done similar projects) and BAMN, a civil rights advocacy organization.

Mighty Tanaka @MightyTanaka

Photo: Gentrification In Progress, a collaboration between @gilfnyc and #BAMN, at the legendary #5pointz,…

3. The building, once called a “graffiti mecca,” was painted over last November.

7. New York magazine points out that Jerry Wolkoff, the building’s current owner, says graffiti artists will be able to paint on the two high-rise rental towers he’s planning for the space.


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