Obama Jokes That “We’re building Iron Man”

CNN reports that last week President Obama gave a speech at a White House manufacturing innovation event and made a humorous superhero joke. 

“Today I am joined by researchers who invent some of the most advanced metals, designers who are modeling prototypes in the digital cloud… basically I’m here to announce we’re building Ironman,” he joked.

“I’m gonna blast off in a second,”he added. 

The video has since gone viral over the week with over 1.1 million views.  


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For fake royalty, the most important thing is etiquette and protocol. During his visit to England, President Obama gave a toast to the Queen of England. But the band started early, and Obama was caught in the middle of his toast.

When he finished, he gestured to the Queen, but she and everyone else didn’t react at all-the ever important song was playing. So the President of America looked like a fool, and only after the song was there an awkward recognition of the toast.


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Here’s how I feel about President and King of All Things Barack Obama leaving office:

Also this:

I know, I know. “Constitution, blah blah blah, checks and balances, no tyranny,” I get it. But if you’re a fellow lover of the entire Obama fam, then you probably understand where this little girl is coming from.

When her mother informed her that President Obama could not, in fact, serve as Commander in Chief and Lord of Our Hearts indefinitely, she had a meltdown — an adorable, adorable meltdown. Although she probably has no idea how much of a dumpster fire this election cycle really is, she still feels our stress on a spiritual level.

We’re right there with you, sis.

If you’re curious (you’re not), that’s basically how I’ve looked during every one of his speeches over the past few months, which tend to remind me of the potential doomsday scenario that’s headed our way. Stay real, Obama. Stay real, precious kiddo.

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