Mom Calls C-SPAN To Rebuke Her Debating Political Pundit Sons

Brothers Brad and Dallas Woodhouse are both interested in politics, but sit on the complete opposite sides of the aisle. The two political pundit brothers were debating on C-SPAN‘s Washington Journal when they received a very unexpected guest caller: their mother. Both brothers quickly dropped their heads in embarrassment the moment they heard Mom who rebuked the two over their constant bickering. 

Oh God, it’s Mom!”


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Obama Jokes That “We’re building Iron Man”

CNN reports that last week President Obama gave a speech at a White House manufacturing innovation event and made a humorous superhero joke. 

“Today I am joined by researchers who invent some of the most advanced metals, designers who are modeling prototypes in the digital cloud… basically I’m here to announce we’re building Ironman,” he joked.

“I’m gonna blast off in a second,”he added. 

The video has since gone viral over the week with over 1.1 million views.  


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If the White House was hoping for a relatively drama-free week on the racism front, it didn’t get it. On Friday, the hashtag #NaziBucketChallenge was blowing up on Twitter. Assumedly a rendition of the #IceBucketChallenge, Twitter users throughout the day have been sharing a template tweet calling President Donald Trump a white supremacist.

The hashtag comes as the president is already facing criticism for what appears to be contradictory statements on Charlottesville and the hate groups that rallied there. Last night, Trump signed a joint resolution by Congress forcing him to condemn white supremacist groups involved in last month’s rally, but earlier that day, he had reiterated his “both sides” statement, blaming counter-protestors as well for the violence.

The hashtag challenge appears to have started on Wednesday, when TV and film writer Michael Green posted on Twitter. His tweet called the president a white supremacist, clearly siding with and defending Jemele Hill, who was chastised for doing the very same on Monday. Hill, an ESPN sports commentator, shared her personal opinion about Trump in a series of tweets earlier this week, and in response, the White House labeled this a “fireable offense” and urged the network to dismiss her. In a press conference on Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said,

I think that’s one of the more outrageous comments that anyone can make, and certainly something that I think is a fireable offense by ESPN.

The network did not fire Hill, but it did accept her apology for speaking publicly on a platform where her comments might have been interpreted as representing ESPN. The drama sparked a national conversation on social media. Some called out the double standard of disallowing a woman of color to speak her mind while her white male peers are not as seriously reprimanded, some merely expressed support for Hill, some pointed out the members of Trump’s administration who come from politically extreme backgrounds, and some criticized the fact that people were more fixated on the inappropriateness of her comment rather than whether there was truth to what she said. In particular, many argued that Barack Obama wouldn’t have called for the firing of those who instigated the birther rumors. The list of grievances goes on. The president had responded to Hill’s comments on Twitter with a nasty tweet of his own, calling on ESPN to apologize.

Though he was far from the first person to stand with Hill, Green called for others to follow suit and join him in calling the president a white supremacist.

In short order, many did.

Replying to this tweet, Green added the following:

As of 1 p.m. ET Friday, the hashtag had been used in over 25,000 tweets.

Most tweets followed a formula, where users stated aspects of their identities in a set of three statements beginning with “I”m,” and ending with the phrase, “I’m calling Trump a white supremacist.”

Of course, there were variations and people took liberties with this.

Interestingly, the #NaziBucketChallenge tweets in general didn’t include any identification with political party (except those tweets that condemned the hashtag as a “liberal” trend).

There were no shortage of users who took the opportunity to make other comments about the president, as well.

People from all backgrounds and all walks of life joined in the challenge, sharing their stories and calling out the president.

As expected, many on the right also took offense and shot back at the hashtag.

For example, the editor-at-large of Infowars, a right-wing outlet, was apparently unimpressed.

Kaya Jones, former member of the Pussycat Dolls, was also against the hashtag.

Whether people agreed with it or not, the hashtag appears to have worked, at least in affiliating the president with white supremacy.

As one Twitter user’s photo showed, searching the hashtag brought up Trump’s account as the first hit.

Will Trump fire back about this hashtag campaign, as he did with Jemele Hill’s comments? We’ll have to wait and see.

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For fake royalty, the most important thing is etiquette and protocol. During his visit to England, President Obama gave a toast to the Queen of England. But the band started early, and Obama was caught in the middle of his toast.

When he finished, he gestured to the Queen, but she and everyone else didn’t react at all-the ever important song was playing. So the President of America looked like a fool, and only after the song was there an awkward recognition of the toast.


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Here’s how I feel about President and King of All Things Barack Obama leaving office:

Also this:

I know, I know. “Constitution, blah blah blah, checks and balances, no tyranny,” I get it. But if you’re a fellow lover of the entire Obama fam, then you probably understand where this little girl is coming from.

When her mother informed her that President Obama could not, in fact, serve as Commander in Chief and Lord of Our Hearts indefinitely, she had a meltdown — an adorable, adorable meltdown. Although she probably has no idea how much of a dumpster fire this election cycle really is, she still feels our stress on a spiritual level.

We’re right there with you, sis.

If you’re curious (you’re not), that’s basically how I’ve looked during every one of his speeches over the past few months, which tend to remind me of the potential doomsday scenario that’s headed our way. Stay real, Obama. Stay real, precious kiddo.

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This moment is too sweet to be called campaign propaganda, although it’s pretty great at that too.

A translation of Stephon’s video reacting to his moment with President Obama is available here.

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Holder Announces DOJ Plan To Sue North Carolina Over Voter ID Law

Eric Holder, the first African-American to hold the position of attorney general, is preparing to announce his resignation.

Holder has been one of the longest serving members of President Barack Obama’s Cabinet, and the fourth longest serving attorney general in US history.

He was sworn in by Vice President Joe Biden on February 3, 2009. Half a decade later, it seems his historic tenure is over.

According to sources, Holder plans to announce his decision as soon as his successor is confirmed. The leading candidate for the job is apparently Solicitor General Don Verrilli. This process won’t be immediate and could run into 2015.

Evidently, Holder’s decision to resign was not a product of pressure from the White House, but ultimately his own choice. Sources say the White House would’ve been happy to keep him until the end of President Obama’s second term.

A native of New York City, Holder was also the first African-American to be appointed as deputy attorney general by President Bill Clinton.

He’s had a storied career, making huge strides on civil rights issues, particularly. His time as attorney general has not been entirely smooth, however, largely as a consequence of a contentious relationship with republicans in Congress.

Holder has been a voice of reason on issues such as marijuana and the War on Drugs, as well as a champion of same-sex marriage. Moreover, he has fought vigorously against voter suppression, and launched 20 investigations into abuse by local police departments.

Throughout his tenure, Holder has been a fervent advocate for the rights of minorities and there are likely many people out there upset by his decision to step down.

Even though Holder is planning on leaving, he will likely still push on several policy and enforcement initiatives before he walks out the door.

He has not yet signaled what he plans to do after he resigns, but some believe he may return to the corporate law firm Covington and Burling.

H/T: NPR, Photo Credit: Getty Images 

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Back in the 2008 presidential race, Fey made headlines with her perfect Sarah Palin. Now, after Palin has publicly endorsed Donald Trump with an yet another outrageous speech, Tina has returned to again bring Palin to life like no one else can. Naturally, this SNL clip has instantly gone viral!


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