It should probably come as little to no surprise Olympic athletes need more calories than you and I in order to fuel up and compete at the highest competitive levels this summer in Rio.

However, after taking a look at exactly what US swimmer Ryan Lochte eats in order to consume 6,000 to 8,000 calories a day, you’re going to be more than a little nauseous.

At the moment, Lochte is crushing the 2016 Summer Olympics, but it appears his domination has a lot to do with the amount of food he’s crushing on the daily.

We’ll get into exactly what the 32-year-old Lochte eats for each meal in a minute, but first, let us take a moment to acknowledge the fact he’s been religiously eating pizza and chicken wings every Friday night since he was 8.

OK, let’s go. BroBible broke down his meals by calories, so you can see exactly how a typical day looks.


-Six eggs (597 calories)
-w/ ham, one slice (46 calories)
-w/spinach, one cup (41 calories)
-w/diced tomatoes, half cup (25 calories)
-Hash browns, one cup (413 calories)
-Pancakes, two (298 calories)
-Oatmeal, one cup (166 calories)
-One banana (105 calories)

TOTAL = 1,691 calories


-Avocado toast
-w/ half an avocado (145 calories)
-w/ whole wheat bread slice (69 calories)
-w/ spinach (12 calories)
-w/ one egg (91 calories)
-w/ hot sauce (1 calorie)
-w/ tofu sausage (120 calories)

TOTAL = 438 calories


-Fettuccine Alfredo (950 calories)
-w/ chicken (282 calories)
-Water with MiO drops (0 calories)

TOTAL = 1,232 calories


-Peanut butter Kind bar (200 calories)

TOTAL = 200 calories


-Domino’s pizza, three plain slices (870 calories)
-Domino’s BBQ wings, four (960 calories)
-w/ blue cheese (240 calories)
-Mountain Dew, 24 ounces (340 calories)

TOTAL = 2,410 calories


-Mint chocolate chip ice cream, one cup (300 calories)

TOTAL = 300 calories

This gives us a grand total of 6,271 calories a day consumed by Ryan Lochte, but after a massive event like the Rio Olympics, Lochte reportedly treats himself to a steak dinner, which gets him over that 8,000-calorie hump.

Speaking on his indulgence, Lochte told Bon Apptit,

I’m going to a steakhouse and I’m getting a big, fat steak. I love filets. Anything, really. The bigger the better. It’s going down one tube, so I’m OKwith that. I’m eating French fries, I love sweet potatoes, cooked vegetables, broccoli.

God bless this man and his seemingly insatiable appetite. Eating this much food every single day should be an Olympic event in and of itself.

You’re a patriot, Ryan Lochte, and this drink is definitely for you.

Here’s to next 8,000 calories, bud.

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