On Saturday, Donald Trump tweeted this meme, which everyone everywhere immediately saw as anti-Semitic.

A six-pointed star, on a pile of money, tweeted out from a man who has sourced his memes in the past from neo-Nazi websites and has the full support of the KKK, members of which he famously refused to denounce. Needless to say, this really doesn’t look good. Trump can only get away with, Whoops, sorry that was racist, 1,000 times. And this is the 1,001st.

For reference, this is the Star of David that Jews in Germany were forced to wear by the Nazis.

He responded to the outcry by saying it wasn’t a reference to the Star of David, it was a sheriff’s star.

Which is basically like a person with tremendous support from the anti-Christian community posting a negative meme with a cross on it and defending themselves by saying IT’S A PLUS SIGN!

He followed up his explanation that it was just a regular, non-anti-Semitic star with this tweet today:

OK (…deep breath…) two things about this:

First of all, and most inexcusably, Donald Trump missed the opportunity to use a come on, ‘Let It Go’ reference in this tweet, which is evidence enough that he’s not qualified to be our president. He’s not even good at being a bad person.

Second of all, Donald, you REALLY don’t want to be referencing Disney to defend yourself for having shared an anti-Semitic tweet. Seeing as, you know,Walt Disney has beenFAMOUSLY accused of being an anti-Semite. Dude hated him some Jews big time. Sure, he’s been dead for a while, but Jesus Christ,get better at this, Donald. Don’t you have a team? Or is your presidential campaign just you in a room with a pile of Adderall and a cell phone?

Hillary responded with this pretty amazing Frozen reference:

And, the kind people of Twitter threw down all kinds of brutal burns (like the one below) so I that don’t have to.

Anyway, I decided that writing about politics shouldn’t always be doom and gloom, it should also be fun! So I made this challenging quiz, going along with Trump’s Pixar theme!

Try to guess if Trump said it or if Olaf from Frozen did. (Sorry if this is really hard. It’s crazy how similar they are.)

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It was big news this morning when Russian president Vladimir Putin seemed to endorse GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. “Hes a really brilliant and talented person, without any doubt,” declared Putin after a press conference, adding that Trump is “the absolute leader in the presidential race.”

Putin’s admiration for Trump was troubling to many, considering Trump’s continued lead in the polls.

Garry Kasparov, chess grandmaster and chair of the Human Rights Foundation, has long been a thorn in Putin’s side and took the value of his “endorsement” down a few pegs.

Trump appeared last night on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” immediately before appearing at a rally in Mesa, Arizona.

* * *


For the record, Trump seemed flattered by Putin’s complimentary comments:

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The Democratic National Committee (DNC) haspublicly responded to the disturbing tweets President Donald Trump wrote about host Mika Brzezinskithis morning.

DNC Deputy Communications Director Adrienne Watson said in a statement obtained by Elite Daily,

Trump’s bullying tweets are an attack on women everywhere. Trump has a long pattern of making demeaning, sexist and discriminatory comments about the women who take him on.

The fact that they happen frequently doesn’t make them okay. From his Twitter slurs to his policies, we have a president who continues to show us he has no regard for women and whose comments demean the office he holds.

The president has a habit of tweetingnegative, often shocking things about his critics calling media outlets like CNN and fake news, and even going so far as to make veiled threatsto critics.

But it is his treatment of women that is particularly disturbing. In the past he has called Arianna Huffington unattractive both inside and out,and even insulted MSNBC/NBC reporter Katy Tur during the election, tweeting that she should be fired and calling her Little Katy and a third-rate reporter after which she required a Secret Service escort and received threats from Trump supporters.

He also infamously said then-Fox correspondent Megyn Kelly must have had blood coming out of her whereverduring a Republican primary debate when she asked him about his treatment of women.

One of Kelly’s questions pertained to his frequent name-calling, referring to women as fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals. His response? That the country is too politically correct.

While Republican senators have responded with outrage and Brzezinski herself seems to be taking it in stride, the DNC statement does not mince words about the president’s latest reactionary tweets.

The president’s comments on and policies pertaining to Muslims, immigrants and refugees,non-Christians, andwomen, and continued calls for a border wall between the United States and Mexico are not just disturbing they’re reportedly emboldening white supremacists. Several outlets have reported a marked rise inreported hate crimesandracially motivated bullyingsince Trump took office.

So it’s not a stretch to postulate that his comments on women have a similar effect on our culture.

Trump’s attack on Brzezinski is not just a childish, vile insult itconflates a woman’s worth with her looks, and it speaks to a larger cultural and political problem women in the United States are facing.

Trump has stated in the past that he will cut funding to the Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women, which provides federal leadership in developing the national capacity to reduce violence against women and administer justice for and strengthen services to victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

He views it as a waste of taxpayer funds. In fact, he has made it seeminglyclear before that he believes that sexual assault is just a natural result of men and women working together in close quarters:

Additionally, he has stated in the past that he would ban abortion and that women who terminate pregnanciesshould face some formof punishment.

This is not just talk, either: the Senate version of the healthcare bill would strip Planned Parenthood of all Medicaid funding for one year and reduce its budget by $22 billion over 10 years. Meanwhile, the cost of birth control would rise significantlyunder the bill.

The Trump administration’s policies and Trump’s tweets dovetail: they both speak to how this administration views women. And misogyny kills.

So while it’s all well and good to sit back with the popcorn and watch senators like Lindsey Graham perform outrage and still vote within party lines, the fact of the matter is that the president’s tweets do matter.

They mattered when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals was determining the discriminatory nature of the travel ban. And they matter when it comes to what women can expect and should brace themselves for in the months and years to come.

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No. Just, no. Can’t they stop?

The latest on covfefe-madness from PolitiFact:

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RedState founder and Twitchy friend Erick Erickson unleashed a 16-tweet tweetstorm at President Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP over this week’s West Wing drama.

Erickson starts of explaining that his opposition to Trump was fear that if he won (which he did, obvisioulsy), he’d do long term damage to the country and conservatism:

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If the White House was hoping for a relatively drama-free week on the racism front, it didn’t get it. On Friday, the hashtag #NaziBucketChallenge was blowing up on Twitter. Assumedly a rendition of the #IceBucketChallenge, Twitter users throughout the day have been sharing a template tweet calling President Donald Trump a white supremacist.

The hashtag comes as the president is already facing criticism for what appears to be contradictory statements on Charlottesville and the hate groups that rallied there. Last night, Trump signed a joint resolution by Congress forcing him to condemn white supremacist groups involved in last month’s rally, but earlier that day, he had reiterated his “both sides” statement, blaming counter-protestors as well for the violence.

The hashtag challenge appears to have started on Wednesday, when TV and film writer Michael Green posted on Twitter. His tweet called the president a white supremacist, clearly siding with and defending Jemele Hill, who was chastised for doing the very same on Monday. Hill, an ESPN sports commentator, shared her personal opinion about Trump in a series of tweets earlier this week, and in response, the White House labeled this a “fireable offense” and urged the network to dismiss her. In a press conference on Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said,

I think that’s one of the more outrageous comments that anyone can make, and certainly something that I think is a fireable offense by ESPN.

The network did not fire Hill, but it did accept her apology for speaking publicly on a platform where her comments might have been interpreted as representing ESPN. The drama sparked a national conversation on social media. Some called out the double standard of disallowing a woman of color to speak her mind while her white male peers are not as seriously reprimanded, some merely expressed support for Hill, some pointed out the members of Trump’s administration who come from politically extreme backgrounds, and some criticized the fact that people were more fixated on the inappropriateness of her comment rather than whether there was truth to what she said. In particular, many argued that Barack Obama wouldn’t have called for the firing of those who instigated the birther rumors. The list of grievances goes on. The president had responded to Hill’s comments on Twitter with a nasty tweet of his own, calling on ESPN to apologize.

Though he was far from the first person to stand with Hill, Green called for others to follow suit and join him in calling the president a white supremacist.

In short order, many did.

Replying to this tweet, Green added the following:

As of 1 p.m. ET Friday, the hashtag had been used in over 25,000 tweets.

Most tweets followed a formula, where users stated aspects of their identities in a set of three statements beginning with “I”m,” and ending with the phrase, “I’m calling Trump a white supremacist.”

Of course, there were variations and people took liberties with this.

Interestingly, the #NaziBucketChallenge tweets in general didn’t include any identification with political party (except those tweets that condemned the hashtag as a “liberal” trend).

There were no shortage of users who took the opportunity to make other comments about the president, as well.

People from all backgrounds and all walks of life joined in the challenge, sharing their stories and calling out the president.

As expected, many on the right also took offense and shot back at the hashtag.

For example, the editor-at-large of Infowars, a right-wing outlet, was apparently unimpressed.

Kaya Jones, former member of the Pussycat Dolls, was also against the hashtag.

Whether people agreed with it or not, the hashtag appears to have worked, at least in affiliating the president with white supremacy.

As one Twitter user’s photo showed, searching the hashtag brought up Trump’s account as the first hit.

Will Trump fire back about this hashtag campaign, as he did with Jemele Hill’s comments? We’ll have to wait and see.

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Hey, Trump hasn’t publicly announced his choice for VP, so anything’s possible. He may very well be feeling the love for Planned Parenthood presidentCecile Richards after this:

Isn’t that sweet?

More from LifeNews:

[clip starts]
TRUMP: They do some very good work, cervical cancer, lots of womens issue womens health issues are taken care of.Planned Parenthood does a lot of good job a really good job at a lot of different areas but not on abortion. So, Im not going to fund it if its doing the abortion. Im not going to fund it. Now they say its 3 percent and its 4 percent, some people say its 60 percent. I dont believe its 60 percent by the way, but, I think its probably a much lower number. But Planned Parenthood does some very good work.
[clip ends]

RICHARDS: Well, this is one thing I agree with Donald Trump on, is that Planned Parenthood does amazing work for 2 1/2 million patients every single year. I think the disturbing thing is that Donald Trump as well as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have said if they were president, they would end womens access to family planning, to cancer screening, to basic affordable health care as well as overturning the Affordable Care Act which is now covering family planning and other preventive care for for 55 million women. Thats whats really at stake here. And so, I appreciate his kind words. Were very proud of our work, but I think women in this country and families and men are going to be very concerned about a president who wants to roll back access to affordable health care in America.

Don’t worry, Cecile. Despite his recently proclaimed respect for life, Trump said just last year that he believed his partial-birth-abortion-supporting sister would make a “phenomenal” Supreme Court justice.So maybe you won’t have to worry about President Trump messing with all your “amazing work” after all.

Good to know.

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President Donald Trump’s first 100 days as president has at least one of his detractors seeking second opinions and finding them in the wind:

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The Donald now believes Obama lied about being born in Kenya to get into college.

Speaking at the National Press Club, Donald Trump proposed a new theory about Obama’s birth certificate. Trump conceded there’s a “very big chance” Obama was born in America but said he believes Obama lied about being born in Kenya to get into college.

Asked if he “regretted” questioning Obama’s birth certificate, Trump said he did not regret it “even a little bit.”

Video available at: http://buzzfeed-video1.s3.amazonaws.com/video/2014/05/27/CSPAN_05-27-2014_134324-320×240.mp4.

In spring of 2011, Trump flirted with the idea of his own presidential run, with his platform centering around exposing President Obama’s fraudulent citizenship and Kenyan birth. His loud birtherism — and the constant media attention it attracted — was enough to put him on the top of some early Republican primary polls. Trump ultimately decided not to run.

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