Time to go from a couch potato to a spud muffin.

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Which Workout Should You Try?

  1. You got: Crossfit

    You are a lean, mean, Crossfit machine! You need an intense workout that never lets up and uses every muscle possible. Just don’t become one of those Crossfit prophets, OK? We don’t need anymore of those.


  2. You got: Bar Method

    Who doesn’t want to looking a goddamned ballerina? This is a national chain (but there are lots of fitness studios that do similar barre-oriented classes). You’ll do ballet-inspired squats, plus ab and core work and HOLY MOLY is it ever intense. You’ll get lean and flexible in no time.

    Flickr: studiobarre

  3. You got: Spin

    Spin class will not only get your heart rate up, but will also make you sweat buckets, all in a quick 45 minutes. Plus, you get the workout of riding a bike without the threat of being hit by a car.


  4. You got: Zumba

    Screw a traditional workout! You want to dance! And you hate the gym! Who cares if you keep up with the choreography? What matters is that you’re movin’ and groovin’ and getting healthy.


  5. You got: Bootcamp

    If you have a big event coming up – like a wedding – and want to get in shape fast, a bootcamp workout is perfect for you. It will give you the structure and discipline to achieve your goals, with the added benefit of an instructor to keep you on track. Plus, how awesome does it sound when you say, “I have bootcamp in the morning”?


  6. You got: Yoga

    Basically, you need to shut out out the world but still get your sweat on. You knOMMMMMM what I’m saying?


  7. You got: Kickboxing

    You’re competitive, saucy, and need to hit it hard in order for you to really feel the burn. Plus, if you hate being alone, kickboxing is a pretty social workout.


  8. You got: Running

    Wonderful for being alone with your thoughts, getting concentrated, enjoying the outdoors, and getting an all-over workout. Start off by making sure you have a rocking playlist and the right shoes (they’ll make all the difference). Go!


  9. You got: Swimming

    For the person who just wants to try something different. Swimming can be a really inexpensive option at your local Y. Plus if you have an aversion to sweat, that’s no problem.



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