Like many a betch obsessed with thigh gap and pink matte Chanel lipstick pics, the President of the United States has started blogging. Obama “took to tumblr” yesterday to answer questions about education, college affordability, and reducing student loan debt.  He emphasized the importance of easing the burden of repaying student loans because it is the key to encouraging more students to pursue careers as teachers or social workers (aka the jobs we need people to do but pay nothing cause we’re giving all our money to the Kardashian family).

President Obama is fighting with Congress to cap monthly payments for student loans to be just 10 percent of their income.  He answered questions from Tumblr users (who knew they had the ability to speak?) and promised them college is still one of the best investments they can make in their future. However, he also explained that college isn’t for everyone (aka poor people with low test scores) saying that students should look into trade schools and be “practical.”

With an average debt for a college student around $30,000 and a total outstanding student loans debt that has now surpassed  $1 TRILLION, this seems like a difficult problem to fix. Unless Gucci Mane wants to give out more $cholarships to strippers or Kanye wants to donate one of his gold toilets so a dozen kids can go to college, most people just don’t have the money (feeling #blessed for my trust fund).

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The Ten Commandments Of The Cafeteria

Bryan Starr visited his alma mater, the Kentucky Christian University, and teamed up with the Food Service General Manager to make this humorous video about the cafeteria. As they go to a religious school, they cover the Ten Commandments of the cafeteria that most people can appreciate. Just because you’re eating in a cafeteria doesn’t mean you can make a mess and break all the rules of common decency. Their video has gone viral with over half a million views!


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