Christian Bale and Henry Cavill might be cute by Hollywood standards, but by feline standards, they’re not exactly the cat’s meow. For superheroes that will claw apart your heart with cuteness, there’s Cooper and Pancake.

The hairball-fighting duo do what cat superheroes do best: chase bad guy toys, nibble Kryptonite-free treats, and use the litterbox under the Batcave stairs.


Grumpy Cat’s title of “most pissed off-looking kitty in the world” might be in jeopardy.

Who, you may ask, is challenging Grumpy’s throne?

Matt the Cat. (Matt is a stupid name for a cat, by the way.)

The kitty was found abandoned on the side of a road in London, and he was in really, really rough shape.

In addition to having a fractured jaw and rotted teeth, the poor pussy’s fur was so overgrown and matted he couldn’t even move.

Veterinarians at the Well Animal Clinic had to remove the kitty’s fur, which filled up an impressive two carrier bags.

The grooming session left poor Matt naked, so the mother of one of the receptionists knit a little sweater for the cat to keep him warm.

Photos taken at the clinic show Matt in his new sweater (which you can see below), and he doesn’t seem to be too enthralled with it. In fact, he looks pretty pissed in all of the pictures.

However, according to his new owner, Christian Le Van, a veterinarian who lives above the clinic, the rescue kitty is happy in his new home and opening up to his new owners.

He may have been rescued from neglect, but Matt will, unfortunately, forever remain a victim (of bitchy resting face, that is).

Mid-shave, Matt is passed out:


So much fur:


Matt hates everything:


F*ck your camera, human:


H/T: Telegraph

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