The Department of Health and Human Services yesterday published a Release (full text)  in the Federal Register seeking comment on removal of barriers that may exist to participation in HHS programs and grants for faith-based organizations.  The Release says in part:HHS seeks input from the public and relevant stakeholders on potential changes that could be made to existing HHS regulations or guidance to ensure that faith-based organizations and their religious beliefs and moral convictions are properly accommodated, that faith based organizations are not required to act contrary to their religious beliefs or moral convictions (as a recipient, subrecipient, contractor, sub-contractor, or otherwise) or are otherwise not restricted, excluded, substantially burdened, discriminated against, or disproportionately disadvantaged in HHS-conducted or funded programs or activities (including those administered by state and local governments) because of their religious character, identity, beliefs, or moral convictionsHHS also seeks input on whether faith-based organizations could face potential obstacles to participation in state or locally funded programs, or restrictions on their privately funded activities, because of HHS requirements imposed on state and local governments as a condition of receiving HHS funding.Catholic Philly reports on the Release.



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