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Which British University Should You Actually Have Gone To?

  1. You got: Manchester

    Being the social butterfly that you are, it makes total sense that you should have studied at the biggest university in the country. It’s got all of the prestige of some of Britain’s best unis, without any of the pretentiousness! At Manchester you work hard and player harder. M62!

  2. You got: York

    York is the place you go to when you have all the brains in the world but don’t want the pressure (and stupid clothes) of Oxford. Undoubtedly one of the best looking towns in England, so it’s no surprise that someone as good looking as you would end up there!

  3. You got: Oxford

    The oldest university in the English speaking world is pretty much as good as it gets, as are you, so it makes perfect sense that you’d study there. You’re the best of the best, and will probably go on to rule the world. ALL HAIL PRESIDENT YOU.

  4. You got: Cardiff

    The jewel in Wales’ crown, within minutes of arriving in Cardiff you know you’re going to have a good time. You’ll struggle to find a friendlier town in the whole of Britain, so someone as popular as you will fit right in.

  5. You got: Exeter

    Exeter is a university experience unlike any other. Not only will you be surrounded by one of the most picturesque stretches of the British coastline, but also by some of the finest minds the country (and beyond) has to offer. Studying, surfing and socialising doesn’t sound like the worst way to spend three years – in fact, can we come and stay??

  6. You got: Central Saint Martins

    Oxford and Cambridge may be where the best of the best from the world of academia end up, but for those of with more of an artistic flair there is nowhere better than Central Saint Martins. If you don’t go on to form a genre-defining band, then your artwork will probably be on display in the Tate Modern. And you’ll absolutely deserve every success that comes your way.

  7. You got: Leeds

    Leeds is renowned for being one of the best nights out for students in Britain — the 18 stop pub crawl, the Otley Run, is testament to that — but it’s also a top class university. At Leeds you’ll study hard and play hard, because in Yorkshire it’s a case of go hard or go home!

  8. You got: St Andrews

    You think St Martins and you think future monarchs and golf. But that’s just the tip of what is a world-famous iceberg. OK, so the weather can be a little brutal in the winter, but you can overlook that if it means studying at one of the best and most beautiful universities in the entire world. If it’s good enough for Will and Kate, you should be OK!

  9. You got: Cambridge

    When you start to look through the list of successful Cambridge it can be a little daunting, but those Prime Ministers, Royals, Hollywood A-listers and endless comedy legends have got NOTHING on you. You’re one of the best people in the world, so it makes sense you should study at one of the best universities in the world.


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