They are on the short list of finalists for the Mars One project.

1. In 2012, Mars One announced plans to colonize Mars. This mini-doc from The Guardian and Stateless Media takes a very personal look at three individuals willing to give up everything to explore life, and ultimately death, on Mars.

The Guardian / Via

The Guardian / Via

Over 200,000 people applied for a seat on the four-person spaceship set to travel to Mars in 2024. There are currently 660 finalists. The mission is a one-way trip, and those who are selected to go will never return to Earth. Meet three of the finalists hoping to make the historic journey, and hear their fascinating stories and very personal reasons for wanting to be a part of this epic adventure.

3. Ryan, a physics student from the UK

“I think the most important thing to do in life is to leave a legacy. A lot of people do that by, say, having a child or having a family. For me, this would be my legacy. To try and find if there’s life on Mars, to inspire a new generation, to lead to the beginnings of the first civilization on another planet. That is my legacy.”

The Guardian / Via

4. Dina, an Iraqi-American computer science graduate

“If I ever made it to Mars, it’s gonna be the same experience as me coming to the United States. Going back is not an option, never. I don’t feel like I need a family to be able to survive and exist.”

The Guardian / Via

5. Jeremias, a young doctor from Mozambique

“I think this world is not a good place to live anymore. We have so many disease, we have so many Army conflicts, we have natural disasters, we have inequities. We have so many problems that I believe it is not possible to solve. I would like to see a better world comparing to this one and I think a good way to solve those problems is to start from the beginning.”

The Guardian / Via

6. And what about the loved ones that get left behind?

“One can think he’s committing suicide, but it’s not suicide. Quite the contrary, he goes there because it is God’s mission. It is humanity’s mission.”

The Guardian / Via

7. Ryan’s grandfather:

“If it does come to that moment, then I will tell him how much I love him. I will certainly cuddle him, I will kiss him. Then I will tell him to enjoy his life and never, ever forget how much he’s loved.”

The Guardian / Via

8. Some might call these volunteers noble, some might say they are crazy, but there is no denying the bravery it takes to step up for a mission into the unknown.

9. Jeremias

“If I die on Mars, that would be great.”

The Guardian / Via

10. Dina

“If I die on Mars, that would be an accomplishment.”

The Guardian / Via

11. Ryan

“Being able to think and look back and knowing that it mattered what I did – in the end, that makes it worthwhile to me.”

The Guardian / Via

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