Any respectable betch knows that if you’re going to date a musician, you go lead singer or bust. If the lead singer is gross or god forbid bearded, a guitarist will do, but only in a Pete Wentz situation where his fame actually overshadows the front man. Band members are not created equal, just ask Louis Tomlinson.

However, just because they didn’t have the charisma to be a front man doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to appreciate their good looks. Even if they chose to become drummers. Here are the super hot guys you may have missed out on because you didn’t care enough to search.

  • Guy Berryman, Coldplay

    We’ll overlook the fact that his name is Guy, because I’m too enraged at the fact that I’ve had to spend all these years looking at Chris Martin when there was a much better option hiding behind him.

  • Charley Bagnall, Rixton

    He kind of looks like Christian Slater circa Heathers. Which is perfect, you know if you’re into the serial killer vibe.

  • Jesse Carmichael, Maroon 5

    Flashback to a month ago when I found out that Maroon 5 wasn’t just Adam Levine’s alter ego, but actually referred to an entire band of people. Who knew. I guess someone had to continue to write the music while Adam was off fucking the entire Victoria's Secret catalogue.

  • Jared Followill, Kings of Leon

    Sex on Fire just started making a lot more sense.

  • Robert Ackroyd, Florence and the Machine

    I guess he used to date Katy Perry, if you can call that a claim to fame. I think the relationship ended because he didn’t like hot cheetos.

  • Mark Pontius, Foster the People

    Literally the only drummer to make this list. Way to perpetuate the stereotype, guys.

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