As Twitchy reported last night, President Obama’s seemingly benign Ramadan message didn’t sit well with many, particularly those outraged by reports of forced feeding of Guantanamo Bay prisoners during the Ramadan fast. Scottish comic Frankie Boyle got in on the act as well, doing the jabs that American comedians won’t do — to the delight of many of his 1.4 million followers. So much for being respected overseas.!/G_Mantell/status/354636888528793600!/HandalaChiapas/status/354691399834300416!/farhaanaziz/status/354703380284833792

President Obama most recently pledged to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay in a speech April 30, but bemoaned a lack of cooperation from Congress. “I think for a lot of Americans, the notion is out of sight, out of mind, and it’s easy to demagogue the issue,” he said, before turning his laser focus elsewhere.

Here’s at least one dissenter among the ranks naming Boyle’s jab “tweet of the year.”!/Troy_Franklin/status/354657819489869824

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