Warning: The photo below is graphic and brutal.

a half dozen men on motorcycles just dragged the body of a man down a main street in #Gaza. They were yelling he was a spy for Israel

— Anderson Cooper (@andersoncooper) November 20, 2012

.@rabbi_sykes excuse me, but how am I apologizing for Hamas by reporting them dragging a body through the streets? That is deeply offensive

— Anderson Cooper (@andersoncooper) November 20, 2012

Dear Lord. Twitter users express their horror at this vicious brutality perpetrated by Hamas.

@andersoncooper #Gaza Re: Palestinians dragging suspected spy behind mtrcycle: The horror of this brutality is debilitating.

— Doreen Remen/ APF (@doreenremen) November 20, 2012

PRAY. “@andersoncooper: Men dragging body behind motorcycle in #Gaza City. They were yelling he was a spy for Israel.

— Regine Gabayno ☃ (@FightingAgine) November 20, 2012

Savages RT @andersoncooper: Men dragging body behind motorcycle in #Gaza City-They were yelling he was a spy for Israel

— NCN(@nikkibama) November 20, 2012

Fascism: Gaza has it.

— Joshua Treviño (@jstrevino) November 20, 2012

Of course, some sick souls defend the terrorists.

Look at some of the responses to this tweet by Hamas sympathizers.…

— RB (@RBPundit) November 20, 2012


@mehrtarar @oboe_cop @andersoncooper By law any country gives either a captial punishment to a spy or life imprisonment!

— Ahmed Jilani (@ahmedjilani) November 20, 2012

@andersoncooper Why are you there?… Where are your reports on the children on this international day of children?

— Free Gaza Movement (@freegazaorg) November 20, 2012

@mehrtarar @andersoncooper He is a bloody Mossad agent, pinpointing the locations of where the rockets are being fired by the resistance!

— Ahmed Jilani (@ahmedjilani) November 20, 2012

@mehrtarar @andersoncooper Prophet(pbuh) ordered killing of the enemy in the state of war, a defensive war. That is exactly whats happening

— Ahmed Jilani (@ahmedjilani) November 20, 2012

@mehrtarar @andersoncooper Besides How much have you followed this liar and fabricator called Anderson Cooper? you watch too much of CNN!

— Ahmed Jilani (@ahmedjilani) November 20, 2012

@mehrtarar @andersoncooper A Ruthless Massacre which is not even touched by bbc , cnn is being carried out in Gaza for the last 6 days

— Ahmed Jilani (@ahmedjilani) November 20, 2012


Twitchy will continue to monitor and update with further developments.

More sick defense of Hamas.

@andersoncooper Actually, he deserved to die this way but can u pls tell ur followers about this pic too? #Gaza…

— ابراهيم الفرحان (@IbrahimAlfarhan) November 20, 2012

@andersoncooper How can an awesome/well educated reporter like you defend Israelis terrorist occupation of Palestine, is it the money?

— Ahmad Kurdi (@Plasticly) November 20, 2012

Update: More than one man was viciously killed and brutalized; Reports indicate 6 men.

Just saw pictures of one of the Palestinians executed by Hamas for collaboration with #Israel. Body dragged behind motorbikes. Won’t RT.

— Iyad El-Baghdadi (@iyad_elbaghdadi) November 20, 2012

The bodies of the six Palestinians executed for collaborating with #Israel were dumped in a #Gaza street.

— Iyad El-Baghdadi (@iyad_elbaghdadi) November 20, 2012

Warning: Graphic video at the link.

Video: Hamas’ ruthlessness and brutality: execution of 6 Palestinians in Gaza by Hamas’ terrorists #PillarOfDefense

— Ofir Gendelman (@ofirgendelman) November 20, 2012

And, soulless and sickening responses to the vicious brutality.

@ofirgendelmanThose executed this evening are spys for the IDFand located many houses for the isreali intelligence . they deserve death

— shadicoo (@shadicoo1) November 20, 2012

@ofirgendelman they deserve it!

— Nezar Ghourab (@NGhourab) November 20, 2012

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