In a hot, dry summer marked by wildfires, people are once again turning to Twitter, this time in Oklahoma, as a means of spreading information and warnings as well documenting the crisis.

Attn: firefighters & emergency crews on the S side of Creek Co fires, wind shift to N will push fire to the south. Be very aware! #okfire

— James Aydelott (@jamesaydelott) August 5, 2012

Expanded evacuations at Mannford and updated wind information … #okfire

— NWS Tulsa (@NWStulsa) August 4, 2012

Looking west from South #Tulsa at a smoke filled sky. #okwx #okfire

— Michael Seger (@MichaelSeger) August 5, 2012

The sun thru the smoke. #OkWildfire #okwx

— MelOnMelvilleDr (@melissafrmtulsa) August 4, 2012

A 2,600-acre grass fire near Luther, about 20 miles northeast of Oklahoma City, is reported to have consumed 56 structures. Fire crews have battled in temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees. Arson is suspected, and sheriff’s deputies are investigating reports that a man was spotted throwing burning newspapers out of a pickup truck.

Another pic from fire damage. Pls keep praying for those who have lost their homes, like this man from Luther

— Governor Mary Fallin (@GovMaryFallin) August 4, 2012

MT @SeverePlains: Incredible image #wildfire near Luther, OK via @AJMertz, already burned several blds in town #OKFire

— rdbrewer (@rdbrewer4) August 5, 2012

Mannford being evacuated. #okfire. Large smoke plume moving over Tulsa metro.

— Alan Crone (@alancrone) August 4, 2012

Residents on roofs in Mannford with water hoses. Live embers falling in the city at this time. #okwx #okfire

— Steve Miller (@SteveMillerOK) August 4, 2012

Forget about traveling very far on the 44 Turnpike between Tulsa – OKC. Shutdown by wildfires. #okfire #okfires

— Jim Camoriano (@SF_JimC) August 4, 2012

Wow! RT @NEWS9: News 9 viewer took this picture as he flew over Oklahoma. #okwx #okfire

— Tornado Quest (@TornadoQuest) August 4, 2012

@michellemalkin west of Tulsa just now, setting sun on right.

— Dua DD (@Duane_Duvall) August 5, 2012

We are praying for rain!!! And safety for the firemen and houses being threatened! #OkFire #pray4rain We need relief!!! ☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔

— Riveted Church (@RivetedChurch) August 5, 2012

Front moving thru Oklahoma now impacting fires, creating a dangerous situation w/ wind gusts & shifts. Please b alert if u r near an #OKFire

— Jayson Prentice (@SeverePlains) August 5, 2012

And it's raining hard! Hard enough to cut off the satellite! This ought to slow down that #OKFire

— nevarDeath (@nevarDeath) August 5, 2012

#okfire #okwx if the fires aren't bad enough seeing reports of 70mph wind gusts.

— R. Fisk, ATO, MEMS (@fiskcg) August 5, 2012

Get this bad feeling we'll see 2 much lightning and not enough rain in Pryor. Could be bad… #okfire #pleaserain

— Jeri Smith (@JRSmith06) August 5, 2012

Pic from Richard Spears near the Dollar General store in Mannford. #okfire

— James Aydelott (@jamesaydelott) August 5, 2012

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