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The Westboro Baptist Church is made up of such busy little bees … with all their speaking for God and picketing military funerals, it’s a wonder they find time to tweet out all the filth they do!

In what should come as a shock to no one but somehow manages to be appalling, the loathsome anti-military, anti-Semitic, anti-gay, anti-American “church” has decided that the Aurora shooting victims were struck down by the grace of God. As a result, a prayer vigil organized this past weekend to memorialize those killed by James Holmes was deemed picket-worthy.

WBC member Margie Phelps could barely contain her glee over the killings and potential to disrupt the vigil, and she let her love flow all over Twitter:

Praise God! You bow to raping soldiers! #PicketFunerals MT @BillWixeyQ13FOX: 14 dead,50 injured as shooter opens fire at Aurora, CO theater.

— WBCSays (@FalseReligions) July 20, 2012

God is USA's terrorist 4great crimes against Him! #PicketFunerals MT @ggreenwald: @scottroth76 "No link to terrorism" in Aurora CO shooting.

— WBCSays (@FalseReligions) July 20, 2012

God raised him up to punish evil Colo. for proud sin. #PicketFunerals MT @msnbc: RT @chucktodd: @PeteWilliamsNBC has Aurora shooter's name.

— WBCSays (@FalseReligions) July 20, 2012

DIRECT result of filthy fag pride parade in Colo. #YouR2Blame MT @davidbadash: 14 Dead,50 Wounded By Colorado Gunman During Batman Premiere.

— WBCSays (@FalseReligions) July 20, 2012

Because the righteous rejoice in God's judgments. Cuz then u SEE His standard! MT @JayKeays: Westboro Baptist rejoicing in Denver shootings.

— WBCSays (@FalseReligions) July 21, 2012

Yo Aurora, Colorado, USA! For human wall at Sunday's squall-fest memorial for theater-dead, go with BLACK shirts for your impending doom! K?

— WBCSays (@FalseReligions) July 21, 2012

That's how God deluded you, then BAM! #sudden #destruction MT @HuffingtonPost: Aurora recently ranked one of'safest cities' #theatershooting

— WBCSays (@FalseReligions) July 22, 2012

#aurora ragers pretend they don't know why God sent the shooter.Ask @denverpost. We told 'em at fag parade they'd bring God's wrath. #picket

— WBCSays (@FalseReligions) July 22, 2012

Fortunately, it seems that the WBC’s plans to crash the vigil were thwarted, either by the “human wall” or their own cowardice or a combination of both. No one from the church ever showed up.

Participants in a Denver comics convention had promised to form a human wall to keep protesters out of view, but its Facebook wall was full of people expressing bewilderment (if not disappointment) at the lack of a visible Westboro presence. The Examiner reported that “Despite rumors that Westboro Baptist Church planned to picket the prayer vigil being held in Aurora for the victims of the Colorado shooting, there is no proof that any members of the controversial church actually appeared.”

Not to be discouraged, several WBC members tweeted out a picture, photoshopping its protesters into a shot of the vigil.

12 idol-crosses for 12 dead-in-hell, perfect backdrop for "God Sent the Shooter" sign! #ThankGodForTheShooter #aurora

— WBCSays (@FalseReligions) July 22, 2012


Outside of the WBC congregation, though, people reacted to Westboro’s hate-mongering with unanimous disgust.

The press shouldn’t give Westboro ANY coverage in Colorado. Even negative coverage gets them seen. Ugh. Nasty nasty nasty people.

— Samantha ❤️ (@Pixie_Pebbles) July 23, 2012

Why is Westboro Baptist Church going to picket the vigil in Aurora? Is there some alliance that can just kick them from the denomination?

— Ben Cochran (@Ben_Cochran) July 23, 2012

Done to prevent Westboro Church from trolling RT @dailydot: "Human Wall" organized at Aurora memorial via Facebook:

— Fidel Martinez (@fidmart85) July 23, 2012

Please google: Westboro Baptist Church… These freaks are celebrating the Aurora Colorado shooting. I'm convinced this world is fucked.

— LEN E (@LENETHEVOICE) July 23, 2012

These are the most loathsome people. All they do is spread cruelty and hate,the opposite message that Jesus taught.

— Andrew Cabral (@Cabzilla06) July 23, 2012

Westboro Baptist Church will burn in hell. They are a disgrace to the Lord and to all Christians.

— randi r. jarrell (@randirjarrell) July 23, 2012

I know this is close-minded of me… but God hates you, Westboro Baptist Church. He /really/ does. via @HuffPostRelig

— Alexander (@BlueAlexander93) July 23, 2012

Keep fighting back against these disgraceful sub-humans.

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