When he’s in flight, and not busy live-tweeting his rap album reviews, you can find Rep. Trey Radel of Florida leafing through the pages of SkyMall:!/treyradel/status/360506530669412352!/treyradel/status/360506782310858752


Hopefully President Obama is paying attention.

Rep. Radel also happened upon a creative way to tackle the tricky task of potty-training:!/treyradel/status/360508620498169856


Good point, Congressman.

But if the feline approach isn’t your thing:!/treyradel/status/360509714100011009

There’s always this:!/treyradel/status/360510521121853440!/treyradel/status/360510749979860992

Who knew SkyMall could be so entertaining?!/treyradel/status/360511671451664386

Cheers, Congressman. We can’t wait to see the rest of your photos. In the meantime:!/JavierDCH12/status/360509585087414272

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