Favourite movies, books, animals, musicals and so much more… Inspiration is all around me, and I choose my favourite themes, give it my own unique interpretation, and turn it into colourful eye-artistry designs.

I use my own eye as the canvas, and paint it using makeup products, super tiny brushes and lots of patience. I don’t just paint on the eye, but try to use the natural curves of the eyelid and the eyebrow as part of the illustration in a creative way.

Doing this art for years now, I give my heart into each and every design. One piece takes about 3 hours in average, sometimes much more. I love to take my time, and pay attention to every little detail and line. I believe that “God is in the details”.

This is my second post on Bored Panda, so you can see my previous works here.

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Read more: http://www.boredpanda.com/creative-make-up-eye-art-tal-peleg-part-2/

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