I had only just arrived in the US when somebody asked me aggressively if I was Muslim. Perhaps I should have educated him, but why is it my problem when I just want a quiet drink with my mate?I have been in Los Angeles for the past few months in an attempt to see if I can make a career out here. There is nothing interesting to discuss about this vanity project except for the fact that it has made me think I might be prejudiced about racism.Before I first arrived in the US, I had been bombarded with advice from my friends about the nightmarish experiences that anyone brown faces at immigration, and warned that I should steel myself for a thorough interrogation and a cavity search. This turned out not to be the case, as I was welcomed by the officer at immigration and wished well on my new journey. He then started discussing astrology with me, which I couldn’t give a shiny shit about, but obviously had to feign interest to avoid immediate deportation. Continue reading…

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