You know what they say old reality TV friendships die hard. And by die hard, I mean, Old reality TV best friends seems to get pregnant at the exact same time.

and stars Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port, and Heidi Montag, have all been pregnant for what feels like literal years.

Conrad was the first to welcome her baby son, Liam, with husband William Tell early this July, and Port and Montag are on deck.

According to , infamous-villain coupleSpeidi is also expecting a baby boy this October. It also looks like Montag is finally feeling the growing pains.

In a Snapchat video posted on Monday, Montag let us all in on her baby weight-gain.

I’ve already gained 25 pounds! I mean, no big deal, right? Just three more months to go at 4 pounds a month.So I’ll only gain about 40 pounds or so, some women gain 25. I think I over-ate.

Heidi, don’t sweat it. Seriously. You’re growing another human being inside of your body. It’s actually the one time you can do whatever you want.

She also looks amazing, BTW.

Montag has been heavily documenting her pregnancy on her social media, and seems to have that baby glow we all hear so much about but seems to only exist for celebrities.

Montag told

It was in my heart to have a boy. I hope to have a little girl one day, but for my first child, I really wanted a son. I’m hoping to God that we don’t just have one, but if we do, I wanted a son. I thought it’d be a more natural bond for Spencer since he and his dad are so close.

Pratt, on the other hand, is busy spending his time on social media doing this

Yup, that sure is Spencer whispering I love you to a humming bird.

In recent video posts, Speidi visited frenemy Conrad’s hometown of Laguna Beach, where Montag was coughed on by a random lady, and Pratt continued to wear tank tops.

Yikes. Hang in there, world. Hang in there, Speidi. We hope you have a happy and healthy delivery.

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