CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller had his eye on the burgers and fries at the White House Friday morning. But alas, they were for President Obama’s pre-Father”s Day luncheon and the chef wasn’t willing to share.!/markknoller/status/345545811951775746

Knoller also spotted bowls of apples alongside the greasy deliciousness. His guess? “Probably for show.”!/markknoller/status/345564865940815872

He’ll pass.!/markknoller/status/345565974684131328

Now about the burgers and ice cream …!/markknoller/status/345568158997946369!/drlecter79/status/345567490799185920

On a somewhat related note:!/jaketapper/status/345563954224967682

What would a Knoller doll look like, Mr. Tapper?!/jaketapper/status/345565860037029888


Knoller sees himself a little differently.!/markknoller/status/345568744065613826

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