Ill admit it. Women can be complicated, but for every complicated woman out there, theres a man whos too simple for his own good so simple that hes COMPLETELY missing a womans blatant signals that shes flirting with him.

Take these men who responded to a recent Reddit thread, for example.

The prompt asked them to share stories of times a woman was coming onto them, and they didnt realize it, and their responses are, well theyre pretty freaking cringeworthy.

Read along for yourself as these guys share the painfully awkward tales of times girls were essentiallythemselves at them, and they had literally no idea:

She showed him her clit piercing, and he thought it was just NBD.

She showed me her clit piercing. She was hot as fuck. I was not an ugly “so cute” dummy either, just plain dumb and stupid apparently.


She talked to him for MONTHS, and he just let it fizzle.

Couple months back i had started talking to this girl who was literally everything i would have liked in a girl and as the months rolled by we got closer and eventually it kinda stopped . just last week i was talking to out mutual friends and they all spent an hour roasting the fact that i didnt realize she was into me while i mentally time travelled and beat my past selft in the face for being so blind .


She slyly suggested they grab some condoms, and it completely went over his head.

Went to the University health center together. Like all University health centers, there was a box of condoms near the entrance. I was about to go to the reception when my crush went over to the condoms, grabbed a couple and says, “Hmm what’s this, they look interesting.” And proceeded to keep looking at the condoms and me back and forth for about 5 times. We’re quite close so I thought she was fucking with me and due to my low self-esteem I didn’t think she ‘liked’ me. I looked at her funny and said, “Those are condoms, now come on let’s go talk to the receptionist.”

Everything was normal, after finishing we walked back to our dorm together and talked. We were quite close so I didn’t think about it much until the holidays hit because I’m a dense cunt who is clueless.

The end.


She told him she loved him MULTIPLE times, and he didnt think anything of it until years later.

This was more than just flirting, but still counts.

During the summer between the end of middle school and the beginning of high school, I FINALLY realized that this girl liked me as more than a friend. Flirting with me since 6th grade, kissing me in 7th grade, telling me she loved me multiple times. all of that somehow flew over my head. What did I do? Like a nervous wreck I waited way too long to ask her out to homecoming. She was already asked by someone else.


She gave him her number, and he didnt even think to use it.

Grade 11 was ending and it was that time of year when everyone writes in everyone else’s yearbooks. Pretty girl I was friends with wrote “Hope your summer isn’t too boring!” along with her phone number.

Never even gave it a thought until at least a year later. Criiiiinge.


She kissed him multiple times, and he thought she was just being friendly.

About a year ago these doctors I used to live with were in the area for a conference. We hung out in a hotel lobby, played a few songs, some of their colleagues and former students joined us for dinner. One of the women liked my singing and we talked a bit.

After the dinner everyone besides her and I went back to their hotels, she asked if I wanted to get a drink. We wandered the city, found a bar across the river, talked for a while and she paid the tab.

We left the place, she opens the uber app, we say goodbye and she kisses me. I’m taken aback, but she says it’s just a goodbye kiss or something along those lines.

Then her “phone dies” (I see her press the power button), she asks if I can get her a ride. I comply, and as it shows up she kisses me again, tells me I’m beautiful, and the uber driver waits for a few prolonged moments with me outside before taking her to her hotel, never to be seen again.

Later I’m headed home in an uber, tell my driver about the ordeal, and she says I’m an idiot.

In my defense I did suspect something the first time she kissed me, but I was just so confused by the whole situation.


She stuck around during a BOMB THREAT just to hang out with him, and he still wasnt sure if it meant anything.

I used to go to a community college. One day in my last class, in the after noon there was a bomb threat on a bus near the college. Some lunatic said he had a bomb in his wheelchair so the entire city freaked out, and of course the college went on super lock down. Armed security barricaded the doors, the whole 9 yards, students are sobbing, really tense shit.

Anyway, there was this girl in the class who sat behind me who I kinda thought may have liked me but wasn’t sure, so I did nothing. She use to laugh when the teacher (who I was pals with) would rib on me. Like “look how red Goatsonice’s cheeks are today!” and the girl would bust out laughing. Anyway, I digress, the threat is finally called off, my dad had to come get me, and he was a long way away at work, so i had to wait. So I just sat in the class room, and slowly students trickled out, the traffic in the parking lot was a nightmare because it had been like 4 hours and then everyone left at once.

Finally it was just me and this girl in the room, I thought “why is she staying?”, she had a car, the parking lot was now empty, she waited with me for like 2 hours after everyone had left just talking to me. The one thing that kept me from going for it was she was pretty damn Catholic, and she really liked that I was born/raised Catholic, oh well.

She might have been into me idk.


She told him he was beautiful, and he walked away.

Posted this before but it fits:

I’m walking through a club and a girl stops me to chat.

Girl: “Hi, you’re beautiful.”

Me: “Uh, I am?”

Her friend: “You are a beautiful man.”

Me “Um, thanks.”

Awkward small talk for a few minutes before I leave to go the bar

Me, a week later: “That girl might have been into me”


She told him he was the cutest boy in their class, and it took him three years to realize that meant something.

In high school, there was this girl in my spanish class that blatantly told me that I was the cutest boy in the class in front of the guy friends that I sit with. She would also be pretty happy when I talked to her.

3 years later i’m a sophomore in college and I realized I should have talked to her about this because i’m never going to meet another women that was confident like that.


She was asking all sorts of questions about his hip-hop group and he just gave her his instructors info.

So I was on an adult beginner hip-hop dance crew when I lived in Houston nice little weekend activity that kept me in shape and got me in touch with cool people to hang out with.

Got to chatting with the girl who was cutting my hair one time and talked about the team, and she seemed really interested started asking when they offered classes, which ones I went to, etc. She even fucking asked for my number so I could give her more info.

My response? “Here, let me actually give you my instructor’s information she’d be able to tell you way more about it.”

I still cringe when I think about that, but at the same time it’s nice to learn I’m single.


Yeah, I really hope youre cringing as hard as I am right now.

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