It’s a bummer that Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un may be heralding in the end of the world. But it’s not all bad … is it?Ah well, we had a good run, didn’t we? I always thought the world would be destroyed by global warming, or some kind of computer virus, or the good Chris Evans (Captain America) and the bad Chris Evans (Radio 2) meeting each other and the universe exploding. But instead it’s two pudgy idiots waving their massive phallic weapons at each other, and we all have to pay the price.Personally I think it’s a shame – there’s clearly chemistry between Kim and Don. They have similar interests (bad hair, crushing democracy, Kim’s probably hosted the North Korean version of The Apprentice), and the passionate way they talk about destroying each other – fire and fury, power the likes of which we’ve never seen – it’s like watching Ross and Rachel. Just kiss already, guys! Continue reading…



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