14. Spanish 101 (Season 1, Ep 2)

Why it’s awesome: This is the episode where we first meet Chang. Also, this marks the debut of Troy and Abed’s ending credits skit.

Best scene: Pierce and Jeff perform their ridiculous Spanish assignment to Aimee Man’s ‘Wise Up’

13. Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps (Season 3, Ep 5)

Why it’s awesome: Britta gets everyone to tell a scary story, to figure out who is a psychopath in their own Changluage. Also, it’s the debut of Abed’s awesome muzak tune.

Best scene: Troy’s scary Frankenstein story.

12. Basic Lupine Urology (Season 3, Ep 17)

Why it’s awesome: It’s a Law and Order homage about a crime against a yam. Enough said.

Best scene: The cross exam scene, where Annie does her victory confession dance.

11. Aerodynamics of Gender (Season 2, Ep 7)

Why it’s awesome: It’s a tribute to The Secret Garden, with a trampoline; Pierce is tragically cruel, and Hilary Duff plays a mean bitch on campus.

Best scene: Pierce makes Troy cry while he jumps on the trampoline.

10. Regional Holiday Music (Season 3, Ep 10)

Why it’s awesome: It guest-stars Taran Killam as a crazy singing teacher. Also, the Christmas song over the end credits is perfection.

Best scene: Annie tries to brainwash Jeff into joining the glee club with a sexy ‘Santa Baby’ song, singing “You smawty, me dumb, help pwetty have fun! Boop-y doop-y doop boop, SEX.”

9. Introduction to Statistics (Season 1, Ep 7)

Why it’s awesome: You get to see Pierce tripping balls.

Best scene: Abed plays Batman, while Troy plays a young Michael Jackson.

8. Paradigms of Human Memory (Season 2, ep 21)

Why it’s awesome: The whole episode is made up of fake flashbacks.

Best scene: There’s a montage of scenes showing Abed and Pierce’s unresolved sexual tension to the tune of Sara Bareilles’ “Gravity”.

7. Digital Estate Planning (Season 3, Ep 20)

Why it’s awesome: Most of the episode takes place in a platform game. Cool. Cool, cool, cool.

Best scene: Everything.

6. Documentary Filmmaking: Redux (Season 3, Ep 8)

Why it’s awesome: Dean Pelton becomes a deranged director, because he wants to make a commercial for the Community College that’s worthy of its most famous alumni: Luis Guzman.

Best scene: The Dean wears a hoodie without a shirt and hands Annie a piece of fruit for the scene.

5. Contemporary American Poultry (Season 1, Ep 21)

Why it’s awesome: The study group becomes the school mafia, running a black market on chicken fingers.

Best scene: The classic mafia montage.

4. A Fistful of Paintballs (Season 2, Ep 23)

Why it’s awesome: This is the ultimate paintball episode in the series; It’s a play on most western frontier movies.

Best scene: Where Jack from Lost plays an awesome villain.

3. Epidemiology (Season 2, Ep 6)

Why it’s awesome: The Halloween racist proverb is introduced, and there are Zombies everywhere.

Best scene: When the black cat scares Jeff three times in a row.

2. Remedial Chaos Theory (Season 3, Ep4)

Why it’s awesome: This episode shows seven different timelines, and it introduces the darkest timeline, where evil Abed lives.

Best scene: Every single timeline.

1. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (Season 2, Ep 14)

Why it’s awesome: It’s a game of Dungeons and Dragons, filmed like it was Lord of the Rings.

Best scene: The whole thing, because it’s a non-patronizing take on bullying.

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