1. Get on Twitter Right Now

Twitter is the fastest way to get up to the minute news on the trial Check out these hashtags: #jodiarias #travisalexander #verdictwatch #justice4travis

Follow @wildabouttriral for tweets from inside the courtroom

Read @jodiannarias Jodi Arias’s twitter account from behind bars

2. Get on Facebook too

Not as fast as twitter but still lots of good stuff going on there. Check out the groups. You can even join Jodi Arias’s online prayer group there. Creepy.

3. Turn up the TV

HLNtv has around the clock coverage of the Jodi Arias trial. Dr. Drew and Nancy Grace have a lot to say. Expect some repeat news stories and “breaking” news about jurors taking smoke breaks while deliberating the verdict.

4. Head to Youtube

Go back and watch the craziest moments from the trial while waiting for a verdict. The whole thing has been uploaded to various youtube accounts. No commercials and uncensored.

5. Check out forums

Mydeathspace has a thread that is a couple of thousand pages long

6. Sign up for a Verdict Alert

Wildabouttrial.com has an app that will send a verdict alert message to your phone. Awesome if you’re at work right now.

7. Get the facts with Google

Use Google News to get up to date info from accurate and reputable news sources. Cause Twitter lies sometimes.

8. Laugh at some Jodi Arias Memes

Murder isn’t something to laugh about, but it’s a good idea to lighten the mood during this tense time.

9. Better yet, create your own memes

Then share them here.

10. Do some Tumbling

Lots of news, discussion and funny memes over on tumblr. Check out #jodiarias

11. Watch this Jodi Arias spoof right now

One of the funniest things ever regarding this trial

12. Laught at Kirk Nurmi

Anywhere on the internet

13. Check out Reddit

Lots of Reddit users are obsessed with this trial

14. Go to Starbucks

And buy a strawberry Frappucino

15. Watch Travis Alexander’s Memorial video

Watch this original video from Travis’s memorial as well as other fan made videos dedicated to this memory on Youtube.

16. Make a Ribbon

Make and wear a blue ribbon in memorial of Travis while we’re waiting.

17. Support Travis Alexander’s Family

You can send supportive letters or donate money to cover time and travel costs so that Travis Alexander’s family could be in court. Please donate directly to the family and make sure you look out for any scams.

18. Read Jodi’s Diary

Hundreds of pages of her private diary have been leaked online. Check out http://images.bimedia.net/documents/Arias1.pdf

19. jodiariasisinnocent.com/

Only cause it’s best to present both sides.

20. Look at Jodi’s Artwork

Turns out she copied this artwork.

21. Review the Evidence

While you’re waiting, review the evidence of the trial

22. Look at the crime scene photos

Lots of crime scene photos are hard to look at but its important to understand the brutality of this case.

23. Research the Witnesses

Alyce’s book on Amazon does not have the greatest reviews…

24. Research the Lawyers

Read about the cases they’ve been on and who they’re representing next.

25. Read about the jurors

Meet the Jodi Arias Jury

26. Make a Poster

Show your support

27. And fly to Phoenix

We might still be waiting for a verdict by the time you get there.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/helloloko/27-things-to-do-while-waiting-for-a-verdict-in-the-ai1f

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