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I recently asked the women of the BuzzFeed editorial team what their pet peeves or biggest turnoffs were when they walked into a man’s apartment, and here are some of the crucial things they all agreed on. So gentlemen, please take notes.

1. Put your dirty clothes in a hamper.


Nothing is more horrifying for a potential overnight guest than seeing your dirty underwear and socks scattered across your room. Having a hamper (and using it) will not only help keep your room tidy, but it will also help keep rank odors at bay.

These low-priced hampers by Ikea have a slim profile that allows them to be tucked nicely into a closet.

Bonus: Buy two and instantly separate your dark and white clothes; it will save you time on laundry day.

P.S. Don’t forget to wash your clothes, regularly.

2. Keep a trashcan in the bathroom.

Keep a trashcan in the bathroom.

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Do yourself and your guests a favor, keep a trashcan in the bathroom. It also might just save you a call to the plumber for a clogged pipe.

Ikea has this nicely designed trashcan that you likely won’t get tired of looking at.

3. Clean your bathroom and kitchen sink.


Nothing looks grosser than a bunch of beard trimmings in a bathroom sink or a kitchen sink that is dirtier than the dishes that are in it.

Bonus: Bon Ami makes a great powder cleanser that is also nontoxic.

4. Clean your toilet.


Yes, people are judging you based on how clean your toilet is. Remember a guest might need to use it. Also, for the love of God, please clean underneath the toilet seat.

Also, if you’re looking for something nontoxic, Method makes a great antibacterial toilet bowl cleaner.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to keep EXTRA toilet paper on hand.

5. Keep hand soap in the bathroom.

Keep hand soap in the bathroom.

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Want to disgust a potential overnight guest or just a regular guest? Let them know that you don’t wash your hands after you use the bathroom.

6. Keep lots of extra hand towels on hand.

Keep lots of extra hand towels on hand.

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Towels can quickly accumulate musky and mildewy odors, so switch them out regularly.

Also, keep an extra few on hand so that if you have an unexpected guest come over, you can quickly switch them out.

7. Have a few extra bath towels on hand.


An overnight guest is not going to want to share your bath towel, especially if it smells.

8. Hang curtains.

Hang curtains.

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No, that dirty old sheet is not a curtain. Buy curtain panels, not only will it help dress up a room, but it will also block out lots of unnecessary light, giving you a better night sleep.

Also, if you have too much light coming in, invest in blackout curtains. They’ll not only help you sleep better, but can also help reduce noise and keep your room cooler.

9. Buy shampoo and conditioner.

Buy shampoo and conditioner.

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If you plan on having a lot of overnight guests, they might not want to shower with your Axe three-in-one shampoo.

10. Matching dishes.


It’s a small detail, but I promise it won’t go unnoticed by a guest.

P.S. And don’t forget to wash them, every day.

11. Get a lamp.


Bad overhead lighting (especially a bare lightbulb) can throw off an unflattering light. A nice statement lamp will give off a warm glow that can help your living room or bedroom not look so cold and institutional.

12. Make your place smell better.


Sometimes opening a window is not an option, so it’s key to have a candle or a spray on hand to help freshen up the smell of a room (like a bathroom). Just remember to go for things that are fresh scented and stay away from flower-scented sprays, which tend to smell the most artificial.

13. Organize your paperwork.


Even if your life is a mess at least give the appearance that you’ve got it together. Get a mail organizer to help keep your bills all in one place, while small to medium storage boxes are great to keep everything from receipts to instruction manuals, to old magazines and photos.

14. Upgrade your art.


If you’re no longer in college, you shouldn’t have that Bob Marley or Animal House poster hanging on your wall.

Check out sites like Etsy and Society6 for great affordable art. Also, flea markets and thrift stores are great places to score artwork like old prints, maps, and even paintings at low prices.

15. Frame and hang your artwork and photos.

Frame and hang your artwork and photos.

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Nothing gives off a creepier vibe than bare walls. These frames by Ikea are not only well-priced, but also come pre-matted, which will instantly give your artwork a gallery feel.

16. Decorate with books.

Decorate with books.

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Ideally books that you like and have read — but if not, look for vintage hardback books at thrift stores and flea markets; it will help give some life and personality to any room.

And no, college textbooks don’t count.

17. Get a bedframe.

Get a bedframe.

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Invest in a bed frame! There is nothing more depressing (not to mention creepy) than a mattress thrown on the floor. There are great affordable options at Ikea or on Craigslist, if you’re on a budget.

Bonus: If you live in a small place you can get a ton of extra storage space underneath the bed with a frame.

18. Have more than one bed pillow.

Have more than one bed pillow.

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An essential when having overnight guests, nothing is worse or more uncomfortable than having to share one pillow.

19. Have extra clean sheets on hand.


Nothing is more of a mood killer than dirty sheets. Don’t scare off a potential overnight guest with your old sex sheets or just plain filthy sheets. Keep an extra set or two on hand; this will allow you to quickly change them out if you have an unexpected overnight guest.

These jersey sheets are not only well-priced, but are as comfortable as sleeping in old T-shirts.

And remember, MAKE YOUR BED.

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