The Internet is overloadedwith adorable puppies, squeaking kittens and little pigs wearing little shoes that are constantly breaking our hearts and warming our souls.

There are so many precious photos, GIFs and videos out there, we as humans totally forget how f*cking insane the animal kingdom is. Seriously.

There are some really messed up species we totally disregard. We’re just walking around earth thinking our technological achievements and opposable thumbs make us better than everybody else.

Luckily, weve put together a little reality check and made a list of animals that roam the earth and scare the sh*t out of us.

Here are the 10 most terrifying animals from your nightmares that also exist IRL.

Blanket Octopus:

Where you find it IRL: Subtropical and tropical oceans.

Where you find it in your nightmares: On your couch as your throw blanket.

Terrifying fact: Females can grow up to 2meters long and males only grow to be just shy of three centimeters. What the actual f*ck? What is THAT about?

Whip Spider:

Where you find it IRL: Tropical and subtropical regions around the world.

Where you find it in your nightmares: In your bed. On your pillow. On your face. F*ck. F*ck. F*ck. Its awful.

Terrifying fact: Whip Spiders are technically considered tailless scorpions. Bye, Felicia.

Megamouth Shark:

Where you find it IRL: The freaking ocean, man.

Where you find it in your nightmares: Probably in the ocean still, but, like, while youre having a really nice swim or something and thenBAM. You’re dead.

Terrifying fact: Their mouths can open to almost 5feet wide and are lined with finger-like gill rakers that capture their food. NOT TODAY, GILL RAKERS.

The Southern Cassowary AKA The Most Dangerous Bird on Earth:

Where you find it IRL: Rainforests on the northeastern coast of Australia.

Where you find it in your nightmares: In your garage, standing on your car.

Terrifying fact:So… these birds have actually killed humans by charging at them and kicking them with their claws. Lololololol.

Texas Blind Salamander:

Where you find it IRL: In caves near San Marcos, Texas.

Where you find it in your nightmares: The bathtub? Maybe in your silverware drawer? BYE.

Terrifying fact: When they say “blind,” what they mean is: THEY HAVE NO EYES BECAUSE THEY LIVE IN CAVES AND HAVE EVOLVED TO GET RID OF THEIR EYES. Their thing is hanging out on rocks and using EXTERNAL SENSORY GILLS to feel their food float by. Thank youuuuuu, OMG thank youuuuuu.

Mata Mata Turtle:

Where you find it IRL: Amazon Rainforest, South America.

Where you find it in your nightmares: Inside your backpack OR YOUR FRIDGE. Oh, God no.

Terrifying fact: Honestly, they seem pretty harmless, but if you read any descriptions of them there are a lot of references to “flaps under their necks and chins, which kind of makes us want to die.

Langaha Snake:

Where you find it IRL: Madagascar.

Where you find it in your nightmares: Hiding in your closet amongst your belts or ties.

Terrifying fact: No one knows why its nose looks like that?!?! Just because?!?!?

Rafflesia Arnoldii AKA Corpse Flower:

Where you find it IRL: Jungle of Sumatra.

Where you find it in your nightmares: Probably eating you.

Terrifying fact: Yes, this is technically a plant and not an animal but it SMELLS LIKE ROTTING FLESH. It also can grow to be 3feet across.

Giant Japanese Spider Crab:

Where you find it IRL: The Pacific Ocean, near Japan.

Where you find it in your nightmares: Terrorizing your city and walking over buildings.

Terrifying fact: These babies can grow as big as your car. Cool, cool.

Naked Mole Rat:

Where you find it IRL:The Horn of Africa.

Where you find it in your nightmares: Under your sink.

Terrifying fact: They live in colonies and there is a Naked Mole Rat QUEEN who bones like three to four male naked mole rats and the rest are sterile and WORK FOR HER. What a bitch.

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