Demands for tougher gun laws are perfectly consistent with a belief that the best response to jihadist terrorism is to carry on as normalIt’s not been 48 hours since the massacre in Las Vegas, and the political fight is in full swing. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, so long as the basic duties of respect and accuracy are fulfilled. People have different ideas about how best to respond, and these need to be thrashed out. There are, however, good and bad political arguments. One shortcut to the latter is to make eye-catching but glib comparisons.“Odd that the same people who say ‘carry on as normal’ after every Islamic terror attacking are suddenly demanding new laws after Las Vegas,” says the alt-right luminary Paul Joseph Watson, editor-at-large of Infowars. He’s referring to the calls for gun control that follow each new mass shooting (never mind that many of these are made, heartbreakingly, by the parents of victims). The Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, was able to buy the weapons he used entirely legally. Continue reading…



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