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In Harvest Family Church v. Federal Emergency Management Agency, (SD TX, Nov. 9, 2017), a Texas federal district court refused to grant FEMA a 30-day stay in a suit by three churches challenging FEMA’s policy denying disaster aid to houses of worship.  FEMA, which refused defend the merits of its policy before the court, sought the stay because it is reconsidering the policy.  The court said it will delay a ruling on plaintiffs’ request for a temporary injunction until December 1.  It added:The Court has received instructive briefing from amici in support of Plaintiffs’ Motion, for which it expresses gratitude. Nevertheless … “Without opponents, the adversary system cannot function.”… The Court would therefore welcome amici with differing views.If, by December 1, FEMA’s position remains unchanged, the Court will assume that FEMA concedes, at the very least, Plaintiffs’ likelihood of success on the merits of this case and that the injury being suffered by Plaintiffs is irreparable. The Court will then issue its ruling on Plaintiffs’ request for preliminary relief.