Kara Zordel, head of a social service group, cannot afford her place – a reminder, she says, of the thin line that separates many people from homelessnessSign up to our monthly Outside in America newsletterToday is Kara Zordel’s last day in her San Francisco home. The homelessness advocate recognizes the irony of the situation – she is leaving because she can no longer afford it.Zordel, 43, is being treated for conditions including myoclonus-dystonia, a movement disorder, and seizures, and is unable to continue leading Project Homeless Connect, a major social-service organization. Her condition is so severe that her neurologist would like her to have an aide who can help her use the stairs. Her marriage has dissolved, and the rent on her 700-square-foot home, in the picturesque Bernal Heights neighborhood, is too much for one person. On Wednesday, she is moving to southern Spain, where she will have access to cheaper medical care. Continue reading…

Source: http://lslink.info/?c=251m


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