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In Fuldwider v. Senior, (ND FL, Sept. 29, 2017), a Florida federal district court issued a preliminary injunction against enforcement of a Florida statute placing limits on individuals and organizations that provide advice or help to individuals seeking an abortion. Among those challenging the law were a minister and two rabbis who provide religious counseling that sometimes includes discussion of religious beliefs about abortion and sometimes includes referrals to organizations that provide abortions.The challenged law requires those who provide advice or referrals to register with the state. It requires anyone making a referral to first provide a detailed explanation of abortion, including alternatives. Before referring a minor, the person or agency must also attempt to provide the same explanation to the minor’s parents or guardian.  The court summarizes its holding:This case presents a challenge to a state law that (1) imposes a content-and viewpoint-based requirement to register and pay a fee to engage in speech protected by the First Amendment and (2) makes it a crime not to simultaneously engage in compelled speech that the law describes so vaguely that even the state’s Attorney General does not know what is required. This order grants a preliminary injunction barring enforcement of these provisions.ACLU issued a press release announcing the decision.