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In 2015, Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis was at the center of the battle over same-sex marriage as she was held in contempt for refusing to allow her office to issue marriage licenses to same-sex coupled. (See prior posting.)  One of the individuals who was denied a marriage license was David Ermold.  Last week, Ermold filed papers to run against Davis for the Clerk position next year. Papers, of course, were filed in Davis’ office.  The Luxora Leader reports:… Ermold, alongside his now-husband, filled out the paperwork to run for office with Davis sitting across from him:Davis smiled and welcomed them, chatting with them about the state retirement system and the upcoming Christmas holiday. She made sure Ermold had all of his paperwork and signatures to file for office, softly humming the old hymn ‘Jesus Paid It All’ as her fingers clacked across a keyboard.When it was over, she stood and shook hands with Ermold, telling him: ‘May the best candidate win.’