The US president is reportedly worth $2bn to the social networking service. So is that why he’s able to continually breach its terms of service with impunity?Imagine, for a moment, that the tweeting president fell silent. That the wings were clipped. Imagine that threats of nuclear war were no longer casually tossed off from a rogue thumb.Trump sent 1,002 tweets in his first six months in office (perhaps slightly more times than he’s played golf, but not by much). That’s in addition to the 8,144 tweets he sent during his campaign. Obama was known as the Facebook President and Trump has become the first Twitter President. But while Obama’s e-lection was down to his social media as a campaigning and grassroots funding tool, helped along by Chris Hughes, a Facebook co-founder, Trump’s attachment to Twitter is much more personal. After all, despite Facebook’s role in Obama’s victory, he didn’t have his own Facebook page until 2015. Continue reading…



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