The US president’s comments wavered from aggressive to conciliatory as he visited Japan, South Korea and China – and finally made a stop in VietnamEach week, Trump seems to make more news than most presidents do in a lifetime. The Guardian is keeping track of it all in this series, every SaturdayDonald Trump spent the week bouncing around Asia, his mood swinging wildly from deferential and complimentary to, well, fiery and furious. After dropping in on Hawaii – “See you in Pearl Harbor!” he had told the press cheerfully on Friday – he quickly picked up the theme of the North Korean nuclear menace, telling dictators at a US base near Tokyo not to “underestimate American resolve” but also suggesting he would be happy to sit down with Kim Jong-un at some point. Trump made sure he got in a round of golf with one of his best friends on the world stage, the Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, along with the five-time PGA Tour winner Hideki Matsuyama, who elicited a rare show of self-awareness and perhaps even modesty from Trump: “If I come back and say I was longer than him, don’t believe it.” Continue reading…



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