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Yesterday, a Washington federal district court granted a preliminary injunction against President Trump’s Memorandum that excludes transgender individuals from the military. The court in Karnoski v. Trump, (WD WA, Dec. 11, 2017), concluded that the Memorandum violates plaintiffs’ equal protection, substantive due process and First Amendment rights, saying in part:While Defendants identify important governmental interests including military effectiveness, unit cohesion, and preservation of military resources, they fail to show that the policy prohibiting transgender individuals from serving openly is related to the achievement of those interests.The Washington state Attorney General issued a press release on the decision.At least two other courts have previously issued similar injunctions. (See prior posting.)  Yesterday in one of those other cases, a D.C. federal district court judge refused to delay her January 1 deadline for the military to comply. (Washington Post).  The Department of Defense announced yesterday that the military will allow transgender enlistments beginning January 1. It will also reinstitute a 2016 policy that allows transgender enlistment only after 18 months of stability after treatment.