An unanticipated development flowing from Spain’s takeover of the Catalonian government is Spain’s move to retrieve 44 religious artifacts housed in Catalonia’s Museum of Lleida. The Spanish government claims that nuns of a convent in Sijena illegally sold the rare artifacts to the Museum after the order moved to Barcelona. The Telegraph yesterday reported:In 2015, after years of contradictory rulings and appeals, an Aragonese court found that the sales were illicit, and ordered the treasures returned. But Catalonia refused to comply, lodging an appeal which has yet to be ruled upon.When that Catalan government was removed in November under Article 155 – which imposed direct rule in response to the illegal independence referendum – the Aragonese judge saw his chance, demanding that the return be approved by Spain’s culture ministry.The minister, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, defended the sign-off, insisting it was not


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