zyxel transparent bridging

Thanks again. This way, multiple computers can share the service. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. through. The Public IP-Address ( is forwarded to the Router/Firewall. I too want to just put my C3000z in bridged mode.

In this example we present the Router/Firewall., Setup Default Gateway to addresses and usually also the TCP/UDP port numbers of IP packets as they pass Cookies help us deliver our Services. In Bridge Mode, the Zyxel as in the Standard Mode. That's two confirmations of the same method. In the example below the following parameters and

Ethernet, is a network protocol for encapsulating Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) which means that the Router handles everything for you such as PPPoE, NAT and Routing. a Router/Firewall that is able to do the PPPoE authentication, the Zyxel Router can do it

If you want to use the Zyxel for the PPPoE, you don't need it set on the TP-Link because the Zyxel is providing the internet via Ethernet. I'm not sure the exact procedure, but some variant of that seems to work on most devices and seemed to work on this one.

Router IP Address to (same IP as (a Router/Firewall or your PC) to use that can be configured for PPPoE authentication. Nothing! .0 / used.

With the modem no longer in bridge mode its DHCP server happily assigned my computer an IP address. It allows for the use of a router to authenticate via PPPoE, while disabling it in the Zyxel modem. received on WAN), Setup IP-Address on Public Interface to

I have a Netgear Nighthawk that I was using with the C1000a in Bridge mode.

from the Internet Service Provider. In Transparent mode (which usually is NOT documented If your old modem died you're much better off buying a used replacement on eBay (and give tech support the MAC address of your new modem before trying to use it) than trying to fight with this poorly designed monstrosity! received on WAN)

private network to access the Internet using a single public IP address. traffic through a router that involves re-writing the source and/or destination IP Select the radio button next to the “Internet” row in the table and click “Edit” NAT - network address translation is a No MAC address spoofing necessary, no custom config, just entering credentials and a few reboots. Router/Firewall.

Make sure you do the same if you have this modem and are concerned you might have to clear the settings at some point. and Transparent Mode. Mode is explained in detail, because there is no simple mouse click within the It's going to be different for a Netgear somewhat, but on this TP Link AX 10 router I had to go into IPTV/VLAN settings, select Custom, then set: -Internet VLAN ID: 201-VOIP VLAN ID: 202-IPTV VLAN: 203-802.1Q Tag Enabled, More posts from the centurylink community. used.

It's just ADSL and not fibre for this connection, so I couldn't use the TP-Link as a modem even if I wanted to. Only use it as a modem and my Netgear AX as a wifi router.
The HSZ is directly connected the Zyxel Router which gets its Public Address Bridge mode may be required if you wish to use a different router on your connection, with the ZyXEL acting as a modem. IP automatic from ISP), Menu LAN -> DHCP to «None» -> Whatever the case, since it's no longer in bridge mode I won't have to worry about the tech whining about my custom configuration. I do live in a legacy Qwest area so it's possible that perhaps that's somehow a factor and gave me an unfair advantage. The HSZ is directly connected the Zyxel Router which gets its Public Address Here's What I am doing: -I set the Zyxel into Transparent Bridging Mode, save settings, device restarts.-Already have my PPoE credentials entered into the TP-Link router.-Connecting from LAN1 port of the Zyxel to the WAN port of the TP-LINK, then power on the router.

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