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We may get a commission from qualifying sales. The Mi Note 10 Lite ships in the exact same black cardboard box as the non-Lite. À noter que 13 Go sont d’emblée utilisés par le système d’exploitation. Terms of use. Si le Mi Note 10 les défait tous en combat singulier, qu'en est-il pour son petit frère ? test score is made up of the following star ratings, all determined by our rigorous lab tests. La batterie du Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite est de belle capacité (5260 mAh). You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here. Les casques gourmands s'en trouveront pénalisés. to unlock our reviews. Rien de bien handicapant cependant. This phone offers an insane amount of value for just S$549, and could possibly be the best phone available right now at this price point. And it's a whole bunch of downgrades, too. ), so no adapter is needed for that and there isn't one bundled. Si Xiaomi a toujours soigné le design de ses smartphones, le Mi Note 10 Lite ne fait pas exception. Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Night mode also works very well to get usable photos in low light conditions, while also ensuring that highlights aren’t blown. Canalys: the iPhone 11 was the best-selling smartphone globally in Q3, SE a distant second, Xiaomi flagship with Snapdragon 875 passes through Geekbench, Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 5G, Note 9 Pro 5G appear on TENAA with full specs and photos, 3. And that's really it. Le mode portrait permet lui aussi un détourage suffisant, parvenant même à reconnaître des cheveux frisés de manière à peu près cohérente. It doesn’t use the same 108MP main camera that the Mi Note 10 we reviewed does, but clearly, concessions had to be made to keep the price low. The Mi Note 10 Lite swaps out that standout 108MP module for a more modest 64MP one while the 20MP ultra-wide has been replaced with an 8MP module. Anyway, inside the box you'll find a 30W charging brick that can happily saturate the phone's power input capabilities - as in, there's none of that 'phone supports 30W charging, here's an 18W adapter' nonsense, we've seen on occasion. Quels sont les meilleurs smartphones NON chinois ? Dans le cas contraire, nous vous conseillons de vous tourner vers l'Oppo Reno2 ou le Google Pixel 3a. Les résultats obtenus avec viSer sont issus de mesures effectuées en conditions réelles d’utilisation (appels, SMS, vidéos, lancement d’applications, navigation web…). A few cosmetic differences can be spotted - the '10' is much bolder now, and there's a cheeky text on the side that we've seen on a few other recent Xiaomi boxes, likely a jab at Huawei - 'with easy access to the Google apps you use most'. Quels sont les meilleurs smartphones en photo ? Le Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite porte finalement bien son nom. Enfin, le Mi Note 10 Lite peut filmer sans problème jusqu’en 4K 30 i/s. Il sera capable d'affronter tous les jeux du Play Store sans trop de problèmes. Watching two episodes of a Netflix drama only resulted in a 7% drop in battery, and on a full charge, this phone will last a single day for heavy users, or even a day and a half on light to moderate use. Très bon produit attention à la 5G quine fonctionne pas en double SIM. It does have a tele camera on its back unlike the Mi Note 10 Lite, and with a couple of selfie shooters, it's one better on the front as well. The Mi Note 10 was the first phone to be announced with a 108MP camera, back in November of last year. We cover the best iPhones and Android smartphones, as well as the best cheap mobile phones. Sur sa tranche inférieure, aux côtés de son connecteur mini-jack 3,5 mm, le Mi Note 10 Lite propose un haut-parleur qui assure un son puissant, bien qu’écrasé. De quoi affronter sans problème les reflets causés par un soleil radieux, d'autant que le taux de réflexion lumineuse est contenu à moins de 45 %. Mobile version Sniper de l’humour, il ne rate jamais sa cible. A few cosmetic differences can be spotted - the '10' is much bolder now, and there's a cheeky text on the side that we've seen on a few other recent Xiaomi boxes, likely a jab at Huawei - 'with easy access to the Google apps you use most'. La prestation de la sortie audio aurait pu être très bonne, si la puissance n'était pas si limitée. I would have preferred stereo sound, but for a sub-$600 phone, we can’t ask too much from Xiaomi. Presque, car la version Lite fait beaucoup moins bien en photo. A USB-A-to-C cable is also supplied. If you must fit the Lite's budget, but still get a more capable camera system, after all, the Realme 6 Pro can help out. Nearly 6 months later, Xiaomi put out a Lite version, and that one is here with us for review. So, the phone mus... Privacy | MIUI is nicely polished, updates come in quickly. Reviews Best deals in USD, GBP. Let’s get straight into it. You get a 5,260mAh battery that supports 30W fast charging, and the fast charger is actually provided in the box so you won’t have to fork out additional cash for it. Battery life is excellent. Only 5 left in stock. Le capteur d’empreinte sous l’écran se montre lui réactif et précis. On y note la présence d'utilitaires pratiques comme une application Radio FM, une boussole et une app de prise de notes. We also reveal which smartphones have the best battery life from our unrivalled lab tests, and name and shame those that will struggle to see you through the day. But wait until seeing many reviews about it, Would you suggest me to buy this one, or Poco X3 NFC? This phone offers an insane amount of value for just S$549, and could possibly be the best phone available right now at this price point.. Let’s get straight into it. Une puce à 8 cœurs qui s'est toujours montrée performante dans nos tests. Il faut dire que le fabricant chinois a repris exactement la même dalle Amoled de 6,5 pouces, en définition Full HD+ (2340 x 1080 pixels). The Mi Note 10 Lite shares the vast majority of its components with the non-Lite - the chipset is the same midrange Snapdragon 730G, the 6.47 AMOLED display is here too, the battery is the same capacity at 5,260mAh. Convenable sans être bon donc. It does have a microSD slot for your unplanned storage needs, but an inferior chipset, shorter battery life (though still pretty good), and not amazing camera performance - but we've established that's not key with Mi Note 10 Lite either. I suggest Poco X3 £650.00. On the the Mi Note 10 Lite Xiaomi switches things up a bit on the list of priorities - this is not a photographer's smartphone, it's just a very good smartphone that has cameras too. Lab tests - display, battery life, speaker test. Notez qu'il faut choisir le mode d'affichage "standard" pour obtenir les meilleurs résultats. Un défaut que l'on retrouve malheureusement sur beaucoup de mobiles en ultra grand-angle. Almost exclusively the camera system. The Chinese company Xiaomi last few years has an extremely wide range of smartphones, which is very easy to get confused in the names and technical characteristics. *5260mAh refers to the Mi Note 10 Lite's battery capacity typical value *30W fast charging is only available with the in-box charger and charging cable.

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