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    When the socialist states commit errors of one kind or another, our enemies are elated while some, of our comrades and friends become dejected; a number of them even waver in their confidence as to the future of the communist cause. Conversely, if, in their mutual relations, one Party imposes its views upon others, or if the Parties use the method of interference in each other's internal affairs instead of comradely suggestions and criticism, their unity will be impaired. The proletariat has begun to rule the state for the first time in history: in some countries this occurred only a few years ago, and in the oldest only a few decades ago. To strengthen the international solidarity of the socialist countries, the Communist Parties of these countries must respect the national interests and sentiments of other countries. Obviously, at the present moment, when the imperialists are launching frenzied attacks on the communist ranks in the various countries, it is necessary for the proletariat of all nations to strive to strengthen its solidarity. page 55 In the struggle to defend the legacy of Leninism and against its enemies -- the Trotskyites, Zinovievites and other bourgeois agents -- Stalin expressed the will and wishes of the people and proved himself to be an outstanding Marxist-Leninist fighter. Recently the imperialist forces of aggression have again created a certain degree of tension in the international situation. is concerned, the road of the October Revolution reflects the general laws of revolution and construction at a particular stage in the long course of the development of human society. In these circumstances, democratic procedures in the political life of the country should have been gradually developed and perfected; the socialist legal system perfected; supervision by the people over the state organs strengthened; democratic methods of administering the state and managing enterprises developed; links between the state organs and the bodies administering various enterprises on the one hand, and the broad masses on the other, made closer; hindrances impairing any of these links done away with and a firmer check put on bureaucratic tendencies.     That is why, having recognized the mistakes and undertaken their correction, it is necessary that we regard them as a grave lesson, as an asset that can be used for heightening the political consciousness of all Communists, thus preventing the recurrence of such mistakes and advancing the cause of communism. they are, in effect, asking for capitalism and opposing socialism, though many among them may themselves be unaware of that fact. But this does not mean that they do not share certain basic features in common, or that they can depart from the universal truth of Marxism-Leninism. This is clearly one of the steps urgently needed to consolidate friendly relations among the socialist countries. We shall discuss this question further on. But a person with foresight will not feel dejected and pessimistic because of them.     page 49 page 43 However many twists and turns may await us on our forward journey, humanity will eventually reach its bright destiny -- communism. in putting leadership by the Party into effect; it lay precisely in the fact that, in certain fields and to a certain degree, he undermined democratic centralism and leadership by the Party.     Engels said that "it is absurd to speak of the principle of authority as being absolutely evil, and of the principle of autonomy as being absolutely-good,"[1] and that for anyone to insist on such an absurdity was in fact to "serve the reaction. Intergenerational communication of violent traumatic experience within and by the dyad: The case of a mother and her toddler. During the First World War, there appeared the Soviet Union, covering one-sixth of the earth. . Naturally, it is not possible for the subjective views of the leading personnel of the Party and the state to conform completely to objective reality.

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