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WorkerOutfit – Boiler Suit, Dig Spots Joy will decrease your need for food and water while active, but the withdrawals will increase hunger and thirst. LorePickup_DoctorHQ_Coconut Keep in mind that bringing up the inventory screen will not pause gameplay. PolarityDevice – Polarity Device Brick_Enhnced – Spiky Brick © 2018 GamePretty.com Copyright Inc. All Rights Reserved. RESIDENT EVIL RESISTANCE: All Survivor Equipments, Leisure Suit Larry Wet Dreams Dry Twice: How to Get All Achievements Without Replay the Whole game, BPM: BULLETS PER MINUTE Guide (Characters, Items, Rooms, Bosses and Gameplay), Monster Girl Club Bifrost: Basic Gameplay, Yakuza Like a Dragon Exam Answers (Ounbara Vocational School), Amazing Cultivation Simulator: Basic Observations & Strategy (Beginners’ Guide), Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass: Light-bulb Locations, Sakuna Of Rice and Ruin: How to Fix Controller Support Issues, Football Manager 2021: How to Change Your User Data Location, Yakuza Like a Dragon: How to Fix The Camera Cann’t Move Issue. Items with a green background are usable, and those with a white background are crafting components. Wear a Torn Suit and avoid taking joy when in the Garden District. StaminaRegenBoost – Feramyle syringe Drugs ThickSuitOllie – Padded Suit It takes place in Lud's Holm on top of a hill, Arthur goes up the hill to find Margery, Bob and Humphry attempting to garden to survive, but all their crops go rotten as soon as they're picked. MysteriousChestNote_Recipe Map_DigSpot_Phoneboots_01 KnockOutSyringe – Knockout syringe LoreCinematic_AfterA06 BobbyHQMemo1 Neximide Pill 0 LoreCinematic_AfterS10 BurdenOfGuilt – Totem of Parental Neglect Here is a list of spawnable items from the console. Shovel – Shovel Coagulon – Coagulon MotileneHarvester – Motilene Harvester We recommend that you keep two stacks of canteens and always fill them at a water pump when available. BoneSaw_NoPower – Unpowered Bone Saw LightBulb – Light Bulb You can carry them in stacks of 10 (meaning once you pass 10 they start to take another inventory slot). Pheromone – Pheromone TorchEmpty – Torch (Empty), Melee Weapons MasterCrafterManual – Master Tinker (Increase chance of doubling durability of crafted items) Wear a Proper Suit and pop Joy often to avoid suspicion in Hamlyn Village. Torch – Torch TakedownSpeedManual – Strangler (Increases speed of stealth takedowns by a small amount) ExtraLootChanceManual – Scrounger (Gives extra chance to find extra items when looting) Nick_SafeCode Certain encounters and interactions are time specific. AttackDamage2Manual – Battler (Attacks with melee weapons do slightly more damage) first step being give him a neximide? Map_DigSpot_Parade_01 LorePickup_VerlocsLab_All_06_Drhaworth CurePlagueSyringe – Phenocycline Jab They will fill your hunger without giving you food poisoning and are readily available. ElectroBaton_Child_TheTickler – The “Tickler” LorePickup_GD0_LetterToTheEditor2 There are currently three safe houses available. ChezGemma_JohnnyBoltonReport KeycardBase_DoctorHQ – Quarantine Access Key Card Talk to Wastrel Find the Treasure I gave the nice Wastrel a Neximide Pill, that should help him. FogHarvester – Fog Sucker LorePickup_DoctorHouse_WandaDiary EmptyAtomizer – Empty Atomizer Nick_WorkersLetter I'd rather go look for that buried treasure I was promised. You can also get them as rewards from Encounters. OmniProof – Omniproof Taking it will completely remove the effects from Food Poisoning without causing vomiting like Sick Up Tea. Eat a Histoplasma Mushroom before entering. KeycardBase_NewspaperEmployeeCard – Newspaper Employee Card JimmyBar – Jimmy Bar

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