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A quick note on cameras already equipped with Wifi. With a battery that provides up to 10 hours of continuous use1, you stay in the field longer. There’s LaCie’s DJI Copilot hard drive, not to mention Kickstarter projects like the Gnarbox, currently gearing-up to launch its version 2 model by the end of 2018. À propos de votre disque dur WD SSD My Passport Manuel d’utilisation 4. Create Your Own Internet Hotspot Within the configuration, you’ll also have the option to automatically start backups as soon as an SD card is inserted or a device connected to the USB 2 port; if you don’t, then you’ll need to manually initiate the backup by pressing the SD button on the drive. This manual is available in the following languages: English. If it’s a new day, then a new date folder will be created for it. This made navigating through large folders of images so much easier, and the app overall felt more confident and responsive, generating thumbnails quickly and making it easy to save them onto the device for subsequent posting or sharing. To measure the potential speed of the SSD in a more formal environment, I performed speed benchmarks using both my MacBook Pro laptop and my Windows 10 desktop PC, both using USB 3 cabled connections. To compare the connection speeds, I connected my MacBook Pro (13in / late 2013) to the drive first via a shared access point, second with a direct 5GHz wireless connection, and third using a direct USB 3 cable. Again a faster SD card could see this process completed sooner, but generally I’d insert the card and let it finish the task unattended, sometimes with the drive in a bag or on a car seat. I was also a little disappointed WD didn’t employ a physically smaller drive to get the overall size down: as it stands, the unit itself is fairly large and while it is considerably smaller and lighter than any laptop, it’s still hefty compared to a basic portable drive whether mechanical or solid state. The Gnarbox in particular looks like an interesting alternative, exploiting a physically smaller SSD drive to accommodate a smaller case that’s also fully waterproof. While it is possible to view the contents of the drive with a phone, I’d only recommend it for very casual browsing or if you only have a handful of images to go through. Two notes on this: first, my home Wifi network has a hidden SSID and I needed to use the broader options on the web-based interface to access and connect to it. The drives also have simple controls. This in turn would allow you to backup an SD card before viewing your day’s photos or videos as a slideshow on, say, a hotel smart TV. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Posez votre question ici Not nine or 10 minutes to write, but 9 or ten seconds. Page 44: Playing/Streaming Videos, Photos, & Music. This manual comes under the category External Hard Drives and has been rated by 1 people with an average of a 6.7. I’ll update this page once I try it on other phones. SSDs work out more expensive per Gigabyte than spinning drives, but are faster, more durable, consume less power, and are often physically smaller too. / {{inventory.prices.sale.billingPlanName}}, {{inventory.prices.sale.amountFormatted}} There’s no display on the drive, but four blue LEDs indicate the backup progress, one quarter at a time. Connecting to the drive is certainly easy. WD isn’t the only company to offer self-contained storage solutions designed to operate without a laptop. Power For Your Mobile Devices Its built-in SD slot can automatically copy the contents of your cards before then letting you browse them wirelessly with a phone or tablet. But if you can see yourself exploiting the standalone capabilities of the My Passport Wireless SSD for backing-up SD cards in the field and wirelessly sharing its contents, then it’s a product I can recommend. Above: BlackMagic’s Disk Speed Test running on a Mac measuring the speed of the WD My Passport Wireless SSD using a cabled USB connection, left, and a wireless connection, right. The app can happily view compatible RAW files that have JPEG previews built-into them. © 2020 Western Digital Corporation or its affiliates. Note the ARW RAW format of the A7 III was readable even though it’s not yet on WD’s compatibility list. If you are mostly going to connect to the drive to a computer you may think a ‘dumb’ external disk would be a better bet, but don’t forget the built-in SD slot – you could still enjoy the security of easy backup in the field without having to carry a laptop with you all the time. The exceptions are high-end cameras which support FTP over wireless, such as Canon and Nikon’s pro bodies with the appropriate wireless adapters. If you’re connecting directly to the drive, say in the field, then you’ll need to browse the available Wifi networks with your device and choose the drive’s 2.4GHz or (preferably) 5GHz network, using the password printed on a label underneath. It’s also important to remember most cameras now have built-in Wifi, allowing you to browse and copy photos onto your tablet or phone without the need for anything else. Stream Up to 8 HD Videos Simultaneously If the drive is already connected to a shared access point, say in a home or office, then your phone or tablet should be able to talk to it via the app straightaway. Taking these capabilities and running with them further, the My Passport Wireless drives can also be used as DLNA or Plex media servers, wirelessly streaming content to compatible players like smart TVs, and their batteries can also be used to charge other devices over USB like phones. Viewing photos or videos on a big screen is a really great way of browsing your work away from home and provides a more effective overview than struggling with a phone screen. Above: On another side you’ll find two buttons and two ports. WD My Passport Wireless SSD: Media Server. WD provides a list of compatible cameras, although you may find newer unlisted models also work so long as they share a similar format to previous models; for example, I was able to view RAW files taken with a Sony A7 III even though it hadn’t yet been added to the compatibility list; WD can also provide compatibility with newer cameras via firmware and app updates, although none were available during my testing period. View the manual for the Western Digital My Passport SSD here, for free. If you want to use the drive with a Mac computer, see Reformatting the Drive and Troubleshooting. Then you can use your phone or tablet to wirelessly connect to the drive and browse or share your work. They also sport an SD slot (as well as a USB port for other card readers) which can backup your photos and videos with a single button-push, or even automatically as you insert the card; if your camera has wireless FTP, it may even be able to wirelessly talk directly to the drive. À PROPOS DE VOTRE DISPOSITIF DE STOCKAGE WD 2 MY PASSPORT WIRELESS MANUEL D’UTILISATION Précautions de manutention Les produits WD sont des instruments de précision qui doivent être manipulés avec soin pendant le déballage et l’installation. I’d estimate a little over 20 minutes for a full 64GB SD card. 2069 0 obj <>stream Save Time With SD 3.0 Wireless Access to External USB Storage When this product becomes available, an email notification will be sent to : {{email}}. Designed to work seamlessly with mobile devices, and an SD card reader built-in, you get an all-in-one drive to streamline your workflow. Tapping any photo file or thumbnail retrieves a version to fill the phone’s screen and once in this view you can pinch to zoom-in a little or swipe fairly quickly and responsively between them. ManualSearcher.com ensures that you will find the manual you are looking for in no time. Do you have a question about the Western Digital My Passport SSD or do you need help? Before using the WD My Passport Wireless SSD, you’ll need to connect to it wirelessly and configure it. WD My Passport Wireless SSD: SD card backup. I’m relieved to report the backup process of the My Passport Wireless SSD simply sucks them all up. Either will do for the configuration and the password is written on a label under the drive. On an Android phone you can tap your way through the various nested folders, or drill-down by photos, music or videos. But other cameras store their videos in alternative folders, particularly Sony and Panasonic. Each has its pros and cons. If you choose to view by photos, they’re presented as thumbnails alone with three in a row, allowing you to scroll through them faster. Wi-Fi password protection helps to keep your photography, videos, music and other important files safe from unauthorized wireless access. 1. On a Mac, you can access it via the Finder by opening the Network, after which it presents a standard folder labeled Storage; subsequently it simply appears as Storage in the main Finder view of your computer, allowing you to easily drag and drop files. If you need to go through large folders of images and possibly make selections of the best ones while on the road, you’ll definitely want to use a tablet instead like an iPad. I should note my access point, laptop and of course the drive all have 5Ghz options, but it’s hard to force it across all three without disabling the 2.4GHz radio. Rallumez le My Passport Wireless. 7���A�ve�$���T�V���6}�6��u�QH �j��� 5 Utilisez des applications tierces telles que FiLMiC Pro pour capturer et enregistrer des vidéos directement sur … Ce manuel est disponible dans les langues suivantes: Anglais. 2 Connexion du disque dur et prise en main Ce chapitre donne des instructions sur la connexion du disque dur et sur l'installation des logiciels WD sur votre ordinateur. Insérez la carte SD. As noted earlier, you can configure the drive to automatically start copying the contents of an inserted card as soon as it’s pushed into the slot, or following a manual push of the SD button on the side; the same applies to other media types connected via a card reader plugged into the USB 2 port, although their speed will be limited by the port. Provide a clear and comprehensive description of the issue and your question. * Excluding taxes and shipping costs; after any applicable coupons have been applied. and The idea of a self-contained drive is to provide backup in the field without the need to lug around a laptop. Travel Light Stay Creative If this new backup took place on the same day as a previous one, then this new time-stamped folder will be nestled within the existing date folder. 9fc�}��p&�����`����֐N��q�J+��y��YwY�v����LvO˴�� �]��D�L��l�c~_H5ER�H@�3H�kl�#�k��R ;?�(*|��gO�=���m�l��R��hd6O�p+���ɹ�v����R�5�����7��/�\�Ip�;� P�,�I믃�! Access Files Anywhere I also found my phone stopped generating thumbnails after a while and only showed the image when it was tapped, rendering the browsing process very frustrating, although I believe this was a specific problem with my phone. USB 2.0 also provides added compatibility, so you’re able to charge your favorite USB devices. Strong Wi-Fi Performance To get started, choose the Western Digital brand you’d like help with: {{variantCategoryOption.variantCategoryLabel}}, {{inventory.prices.list.amountFormatted}}, {{inventory.prices.sale.amountFormatted}}, {{customPromotionInfo.ctaLabel}} These are generally designed to connect to phones, tablets and in some instances computers, but rarely direct to storage devices. Ask your question here. Based on streaming HD 720p, 3 Mbps video to one device over Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz single band only. Does someone has an idea on how to change the password? All Rights Reserved. Il est constitué des rubriques suivantes : Connexion du disque dur Prise en main du logiciel WD Connexion du disque dur 1. Plex organizes your entire media collection through a simple interface and enhances it with descriptions, plot summaries, film posters and more. The WD My Passport Wireless SSD has one more trick up its sleeve: it can be used as a wireless media server, dishing-up photos, music and videos to compatible players. If you choose to view all files, then each occupies a separate line with a small thumbnail on the left and the name to its side. Eteignez le My Passport Wireless. Disk Drive Format Your My Passport drive is formatted as a single NTFS partition for compatibility with all updated Windows operating systems.

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