tom ford noir pour femme

A brand-new, unused, and unworn item (including handmade items) in the original packaging (such as. In my opinion, too feminine to be unisex.

Yes! I detect vanilla, raspberry, and chocolate in the top. For me, this tiptoes the line of being gourmand but never quite crosses the threshold into full blown sticky sweetness, thanks for the florals and amber. Subject to credit approval. This reminds me very affectionately or a darker and maybe slightly less peppery and pungent version of L'histoire Parfumeur's 1876.

***Episode #1,438 of KittyDeBeauvoir being a Trash Person***: I bought this blind as I am so fed up with all the sweet shop smells out there. It’s creamier and less spicey than Addict, but thicker and more delicious than Amour. @Kots_Tanya I agree with the Lalibela reference, there is something in common here although they are both v different fragrances!
Silly me only purchased the 50 ml bottle now i have to go buy another one. So I decided to buy it and I am thoroughly enjoying it. My description of the notes and the composition would never do it justice. Rush has changed throughout the years and doesn't hold that magick anymore. The smell of the perfume is subtle and yet, lingers on the skin for several hours. I would love this one if it wasn't for the 'mastic' note. Earn up to 5x points when you use your eBay Mastercard®. It is a luncheon scent. Shipping takes 5 - 7 working days. PLEASE never stop making it!!!!! IT is outstanding. Overall, to me this is vanilla yogurt with powdered sugar and spice...really delicious!
Women of all ages find this timeless perfume rich and energizing. And it's my favorite one. You may wear it for special occasions. This is one of my favorites by far. Sillage is polite and I get wafts here and there that seem to stay within my personal bubble. I love it soo much the kulfi is so unique and really shines. My god this is beautiful and sexy as hell! Airport. I find them meditative and like to wear them to bed to have pleasant dreams. This reminds me of cocoa powder. This smells just like whispers in the library by replica only much stronger, to me it smells like sweet banana chips with sweet plum jam on top and i love it :). I might wear this one until the sample runs out, but not a full bottle purchase for me. Light - up to 2 hours Medium - 2 to 4 hours Long-Lasting - 4 hours +. Do not spray two fragrances nearby since you would not be able to tell which is one is better. Then came Tom Ford Noir Noir for Women. No development at all, and sounds quite typical for mass market launches. Really sorry, I’d love to have a TF bottle in my collection. No Interest if paid in full in 6 mo on $99+, Tom Ford Pour Femme Eau de Parfum for Women, Tom Ford Noir Extreme Eau de Parfum for Men. It's unlike anything else you'll ever try. Fragrance Description: Provocative, daring, and extravagant, Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme is a warm and spicy gourmand. - eBay Money Back Guarantee - opens in new window or tab. Tom Ford Noir captured my heart and simply will not let it go. This fragrance is EVERYTHING. Perfume lovers: 581414 It's so strange. Check the ingredients carefully, especially if you are allergic to certain substances or fragrances. Noir pour femme: a beautiful perfume of high quality. The Tom Ford brand has amassed huge respect as it has managed to deliver top quality products consistently over the years. The family or sub-group which this fragrance could be classified under. It smelt rich, full bodied, spicy; a perfect thick winter nectar of darkest roses and vanilla pods simmering in liquid amber. at moments it feels like mint leaf only a hundred times stronger. My husband loves this on me. I feel most at home in it when I'm wearing black clothes and a vampy lip. Being objective - it's very luxurious, warm smell. I'm also getting cloves, orange peel, and slight vanilla. Smoke and dark orchid mixed with the sweetness of vanilla and some cream. How To Choose The Best Tom Ford Perfume For Women? This Kulfi freaks me out, its really realistic melted butter with Russian pancakes sour cream and apricot jam, its like i'm smelling my fingers right after i dipped them in the melted butter..

It's basically Feminite du Bois and Coco Noir combined with Addict. I chose Noir, it is quite nice, and exactly the kind of cool weather scent I was looking for. It's like a rich vanilla spicy cola float. To me, they are actually the same exact fragrance as far as smell goes, only difference IMO is that Noir Extreme is sweeter while Noir Pour Femme is more refined...something out of the private collection. Home; Products; Fragrance; Women's Fragrance; TOM FORD; Noir Pour Femme. Since the launch of the iconic Tom Ford Black Orchid in 2006, the brand has created several exquisite fragrances for women and has gained a good reputation in the industry. It's easy to wear for Tom Ford. It is very linear on me and lacks depth enough to be a favorite. All magic. This fragrance is absolutely incredible. On first spray its very harsh,smells like spices to me i cant point out individually but cinnamon and cloves i can smell.i have to say that i dont really like this bit and did wonder if id made a mistake buying this.but a whike later i could smell a creamy vanilla smell. $134.00 1.7 oz/ 50 mL Eau de Parfum Spray (1.7 oz/ 50 mL) View as list. Make a choice based on what you desire the most from a perfume. Whenever "Noir" is used in the title of a perfume, I'm expecting something sophisticated, chic, avant garde, with heavy hitting notes like patchouli, leather, oud, pepper - you get the idea. This sweetness is very creamy almost like lemon icecream with milk.However it is more than that. Not saying you can't love both, but I think this is a good choice if Black Orchid is not your thing but you still like TF fragrance DNA. One of the best vanilla-based fragrances ever. I'll try again. This amount is subject to change until you make payment. I actually prefer this slightly over the TF Noir Extreme for Men, which I also own & think is fab myself and really love the light, white-floral heart to it. To the point I feel like I'm eating this scent, it lingers in my throat. I like it a lot, this is an easy and pleasing scent to wear. I've worn Chergui and enjoyed it, however at times it felt too rich for me and I love those kinds of scents on a man. Noir Pour Femme and Flower l'Elixir are, by far, my favourites. I Love this with a capital L. gorgeous scent, truly unisex. Since I have other dry spicy sweet fragrances that I prefer, I ended up giving this to my mom, who loves it! Yum! I'm not an expert as many of you here so I'll just say - To me this one is a mixture of Sahara Noir, Cafe Rose and Tuscan Leather. I just sprayed this on. Kind of like an inscense burning. The scent of this incense is meditative with sweetness. 4.32 Here are a few tips on picking the perfume that works the best. There are 1 items available. I would say business professional but wear lightly. On my skin it doesnt last more than 3 hours and the projection is weak to moderate so that is the only thing that holds me back from repurchasing it!! Its sweet spicy and has the vanilla sweetness. I love sweet perfumes, and I’m a true gourmand lover, but there’s something in this TF sweetness I just can’t stand. Sometimes the anosmia can lift if you try to get used to the perfume, spraying the smallest spray possible weekly, sometimes it doesn't .Anosmia is something that happens to most of us, so don't worry. it is your staple vanilla/sweet/mature scent. Very sexy en dark. Noir is similar to velvet orchid but more powerful, with greater sillage i would say. Wow, this is amazing!! and loved it, loved it all the way through. Not for me, though. Women of all age groups find the perfume a good buy as it gives out a delightfully fresh fragrance. Like It is covered in some decadent icing or custard. But then it dried down beautifully as Tom Ford’s fragrances should be with all the beautiful notes that I like so much. I mean, I was about to blind-buy a huge bottle because of all the positive reviews on the internet, but I decided to go with a sample (3 decants, actually) and I’m so glad I didn’t waste my money over a fb. Favorites; New review. Noir Pour Femme is one of my favorite perfumes ever, and for some reason I often find it difficult to review fragrances I love so much. Staying power - 6 hours+.

The smell of alcohol in the perfume is a bit strong. In fact, it's sharp and definitely more masculine than feminine or unisex. I find it quite soft and it doesn't project much.

Collect your delivery from over 7000 local convenience shops within 3 days. Its so delicious, its dark but so sexy. A delicious fragrance that I find quite unisex. TF fragrances are not always a hit with me and the price point has always been a deterrent to even trying out fragrances from this line. The second I spray it,it's very nice.mature vanilla,heavy but fresh like Dior addict.just in one minute it changes to something that I don't like. Soon enough I found myself mesmerised by it, it smelled so great and found myself using my sample vials of Noir even more than Neroli Portofino!

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