the colossus sylvia plath analysis

She resigns to fate. The most basic example of this duality is the fact that the speaker can’t distinguish between the surreal and the real. While the ‘skull plates’, the ‘white tumuli’ of the eyes are specific terms pertaining to anatomy. These examples help to increase the rhythm and rhyme in a poem, especially when that poem is written in free verse. Plath also notes that the... Can you identify all the metaphors the speaker uses to refer to themselves in the poem? During the nights, the speaker crouches in the statue’s left ear to avoid the wind, amusing herself by counting red and plum-colored stars. She begins with her fathers, “Black... ...Sylvia Plath's "Daddy" Essay Sylvia Plath: Poems study guide contains a biography of poet Sylvia Plath, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis of select poems. In the poem, Plath uses the colossus to represent her attempt to reconstruct the father whose absence looms so large in her psyche. She even depicts the ear as large enough to “squat” in. Understanding Sylvia Plath's words require a closer look at both her life and a few of her works. The rhythm in this line mimics the day in and day out nature of her work. Counting the red stars and those of plum-color. She tends to the statue, sometimes expressing irritation or exasperation with it and other times relishing in its presence. which are juxtaposed to the mule, pig or the metonymy for birds is quite unique. For example, the transition between lines three and four of the first stanza and lines three and four of the second stanza. The father might be dead, but the speaker is the one who is suffering. This depression included two suicide attempts of which she wrote before succeeding in suicide. She is unable to declare her individuality in this context, and yet cannot muster the strength to make a change. She’s in the shadow of her father’s death, trapped by it in a miserable, unending way. What's your thoughts? She is stuck where she is. Not even a powerful lightning strike could create this type of disaster, she notes. The poem portrays the contents of its story over 16 stanzas, each presenting its contents in a directly fashion, such as being a letter of statement directly addressed to her farther, with each stanza having five lines of powerful... ...METAPHORS –SYLVIA PLATH Enjambment is another important technique in this poem. Whether it be war, or some other harmful force, is not known. Subscribe to our mailing list to get the latest and greatest poetry updates. Plath, as is often the case, uses the statue as a beautifully multilayered metaphor.

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