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Archival and Manuscript Collections. Sisters, won't you please help bear my cross, "After pappy run away, mammy died and den one day de overseer herded up a big bunch of us niggers and driv us to Barnum's Tradin' Ya'd down in Mississippi. (3 items), Bertlet (Sarah Wharton Groce) Genealogy, 1921. I says, 'I rides under dat canvas.' Course we had to do de right thing but jes' some how did, mos' of de time 'cause he was good to us. The day was hot and the granddaughter prepared ice water for her grandmother and the interviewer. Streets, David H. Slave Genealogy: a Research Guide with Case Studies. Another area close to Nigton was known as Lacy, named after the Lacy's who only as a clue to help with your research, and are not necessarily exact. "Marster was rough. De meat am mostest pork, with some beef, 'cause massa raise plenty hawgs and tendin' meat curin' am my first work. Augustine County. in 1916, by V. White and J.B. Eastep for a total of $919.00, and was a two-story building. "My mammy doctored us when we was feelin' bad and she'd take dog-fenley, a yaller lookin' weed, and brew tea, and it driv de chills and de fever out of us. included in Trinity County Marriage Records, which begin here in 1876. The collection contains documents relating to the establishment and operation of Peach Point Plantation, and the daily concerns of paternalistic slaveholders who found it difficult to make ends meet raising cotton, corn, and sugar. Bill of sale for slave, October 20, 1838. Probate records relate to the estate of Benjamin Roach, Sr., a wealthy planter and slave owner in several Mississippi counties. (13 ft., 9 in.). My mother, she work in the big house and she have a purty good house to live in. "We et vegetables and meat and ash cake. (6 ft.). Cincinnati: American Reform and Book Society, 1857. An Historiography of American Slave Women. He was the one owned all us till he 'vided some with Miss Lizzie when she marries Mr. Cramer. (1 vol.). An artificial collection of primarily individual items concerning Texas and the Southwest. I had seven brothers call Frank and Benjamin and Richardson and Anderson and Miles, Emanuel and Gill, and three sisters call Milanda, Evaline and Sallie, but I don't know if any of 'em are livin' now. He also buyed land, cleared it and sol' it. Den when I was bigger he starts me to carryin' de breakfast to de field whar de grown niggers had been out workin' since way 'fore day. He bought a big gang of slaves and refugeed part of 'em to Louisiana and part to Texas. Sometime we gits some of the Lincoln coffee what was lef' from the nex' plantation. It is said that Nigton had outstanding livestock and In 1929, Nigton had the Negro Business You should have seed me run through dat bresh, 'cause I didn't dare go out on de road or de path. Dey has mule cars den. He lives with his daughter at 749 Mesquite St., Abilene, Texas. 'Course I ain't been here so long, but it seems like it when I gits to thinkin' back. "Then they's a time when paw says we'll be a-searchin' a place to stay and work on a pay way. (5 ft., 4 in. "Was I glad when dat was over? "I was educated since freedom, 'cause they wasn't no schools in slavery days, but after I was freed I went to public schools. Papers document the personal and business affairs of Burnet, an expert surveyor and member of the Mississippi territorial legislature and the state senate. (1 in.) The Sublett's arrived in Texas in the early 1820's, first settling in San If you wish to Freedmen during the period of Ole miss she make us wear a piece of lead 'round our necks fer de malaria and to keeps our nose from bleedin' and all of us wore some asafoetida 'round our necks to keep off contagion. We didn't have no gardens ourselves, 'cause we wouldn't have time to work in dem. She was raised in Grant's colony and her father was a blacksmith. (5 in.). The volumes are organized by state and the beginning of each … The collection includes Rusk’s official report on the Battle of San Jacinto. I'd go up to the big house to make fires and lots of times I seed the mantel board lined with greenbacks, 'tween mantel and wall and I's snitched many a $50.00 bill, but it 'federate money. The Issues : the Dred Scott Decision : the Parties. Niggers had better let that ham alone! The Morris Sheppard Papers reflect his contributions to national politics as well as his literary efforts. I am (1 vol. He's got more'n 100 slaves. (1/4 in.). Boston: I. Knapp, 1837. Wife of Don Antonio Garcia. At the conclusion of the Slave Narrative project, a set of edited tr… Bragg, Gail. Miss Lizzie say, 'Now, Julia, you knows how to plow and don't make no fool of yourself and act like you ain't never seed no plow afore.' You ain't never seen no white folks then would eat rabbit. 1860 Trinity County Slave Schedule Chart  Gosh a-mighty! A collection of Jackson Family papers includes an Austin Colony land grant, a bill of sale for a seventeen year old slave girl, Martha, and a family journal. Papers concerning the career and family of Cavitt (b. Fredonia, NY: W. McKinstry and Son, 1879. Alice Houston, pioneer nurse and midwife on whom many San Angeloans have relied for years, was born October 22, 1859. list the head of household and all capable of working under the contract. Dere was a white man call Henderson had 60 bloodhounds and rents 'em out to run slaves. "De captain keep dem locked in dat black hole till dat boat gits to Mobile and dey is put on de block and sold. Sydnor, Charles S. (Charles Sackett). Springs. I never knowed of 'em puttin' bells on the slaves on our place, but over next to us they did. Starling, Marion Wilson. Charley stayed with his master for five years after the Civil War. Includes a bill of sale from James Howard for the slave Lucy and a letter from Burnet concerning the ill health of one of his hired-out slaves. Black History Collection, 1826–1867. "'Fore de boys goes to fightin' dey trains near de place where am de big field for to train hunerds of sojer boys. found on our Trinity County Cemetery page:  I's nev'r had no chillun of my own so I's jes' a settin' here a-livin' off de ole age pension.". Documents the activities of the family of Mordello Stephen Munson. (5 in.). April 7, Jno. My mother, special, was a powerful 'ligious woman. Dat's whar I's gits so many good ideas fer nursin'. Washington, 1842. ", Hall (James Madison) Family Papers, 1813, 1840–1980. He stayed with his old master four years after he was freed, then married and settled in Tyler, Texas, where he worked for the compress 30 years. "We had good grub 'cause we raised all de co'n and de hogs and de cows and chickens and plenty of everything. Dat start him laughin' and he tells de people dat I'm a pat'otic nigger. That's the very year they larned me to plow. Dey whip de niggers for not workin' right, or for runnin' 'way or pilferin' roun' master's house. birth as possible links to further explore . Alabama. Texas Slave Narrative Susan Ross Susan Ross was born at Magnolia Springs, Texas, about 1862, a slave of Cheater Horn.Her features and the color of her skin, together with a secretive manner, would point to Indian blood. Dey catches anudder slave dat run away and dey hanged him up by de arm. Thomas, E. A Concise View of the Slavery of the People of Colour in the United States; Exhibiting Some of the Most Affecting Cases of Cruel and Barbarous Treatment of Slaves.... Philadelphia: E. Thomas, 1834. file and may take a minute to upload. became law on June 19, 1865. Murphy, Lawrence. Rawick, George P., ed. He never 'lowed none of his slaves to be sold 'way from their folks. I jus' set 'round. Mother was workin' in the house, and she cooked too. This Chart shows slaves Airlie Plantation Records, 1846–1951. They'd shout, 'I got the glory. Dat was de best eatin' we had. For more information about I votes like de white man say, couple times, but after dat I stops votin'. And he used to make spinning wheels and parts of looms. Dat de sickest I ever be and dat de last time I gits drunk. school and shop were built with funds contributed by the Rosenwald Denny (William Gowdey) Papers, 1836–1891. Pollard, Edward Alfred. Then she runs to the field, 'gainst marster's will and tol' all the other slaves and they quit work. They had a piece what go round they shoulders and round they necks with pieces up over they heads and hung up the bell on the piece over they head. Committee on the Judiciary. Right fine meetin's, too. But she's the bestes' cook. Texas Treasures - Slavery - Texas State Library. "When surrender come, all dem what not kilt comes home and dey have a big 'ception in Maxie. Norfolk: T.G. Glick (Walter R.) Narratives, 1820–1865. De women would be carryin' l'il ones in dere arms and at night dey bed 'em down jus' like cattle right on de ground 'side of de road. But young master steal him into slavery again. She lives with a daughter in the east part of Worth Quarters, a Negro settlement in Jasper, Texas, and is still active enough to help her daughter in their little cafe. plantation near Trinity. Mann. House of Representatives. Dallas, Tex. Dey makes all de clothes for ole man Foley and his fam'ly and for de slaves. These records are so valuable Last will and testament, 1820; Slave bill of sale, 1834; Affidavits, 1859, 1861. The Bureau of Refugees, An important part of this project was the interviews of the surviving ex-slaves. Boston: J.P. Jewett and Company, 1856. A bulk of the collection deals with the cotton trade in New Orleans in the early to mid 1800s. Correspondence and legal records arranged chronologically. Dat's why us cullud folks don't know our kinfolks to dis day. Juneteenth and Other Freedom Celebrations. Stories of the Underground Railroad. We slep' in wooden beds what had corded rope mattresses. My shirt just had one button on it and I was pullin' and gnawin' on that button and directly it come off and the whole shirt pull off and I didn't have nothin' on but my skin. Friday, and Josserand during that time. Up over Zion's hill?'. Collection of documents relating to black history includes an estate and slave inventory, muster roll for U.S. Young (William) Papers, 1820–1861. I larns to read and den starts votin' 'gain. (2 in.). Juba this and Juba that,

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